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5 Tips for a Perfect Skateboard Purchase

So. You saved all Summer, or you’ve got the cash handy. It’s time. That beautiful skateboard you’ve been looking for is within your grasp. Hold up a second, though. Want to make sure you’re getting the best board for your needs? Yeah, we thought so. What skateboard you buy depends a lot on what you plan to do with it, and more than a few other factors. Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up. Read on for the 411 and #GetOutThereAndDoSomething

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We Were All New Once

Everyone knows how it feels to be the new guy. Whether you’re clutching brand new gear, or hand me downs, you’ve been there. Standing there surrounded by people who just get it. They can surf, skate, complete a WOD, or  run a 5K like it was nothing. They’re experts...But how did they get that way? Simple. They didn’t give up, they got  educated, and then they did it.
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