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Serengeti Large Aviator 5222 Sunglasses

by Serengeti
Item Number: 002106
UPC: 726644052228
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Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses are the ideal sunglasses because there is no such thing as an average day for your eyes. Light changes continually from sun-up to sundown. No matter what the weather may be, your eyes are constantly exposed to lighting conditions that strain and fatigue them, and Serengeti sunglasses are the solution. The Serengeti Classic series of sunglasses offers the ultimate protection. Serengeti Aviator Shades w/ Polarized Lenses offers the most advanced technology in the history of sunglasses. Serengeti has imbued superior technology into lenses and frames on these aviator sunglasses to provide exceptional protection and durability. Serengeti Drivers Aviator Sunglass Frames w/ Polarized Lenses 358 40 559 7042 are preferred by pilots because they block harsh glare from the sun, while providing a clear view of their instruments, but they're also great for everyday cool.

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