Costa OCEARCH Collection: Don't Fear The Fin

The Scariest Thing About Sharks is How Fast They’re Disappearing.

Sharks are the lifeblood of our oceans, and they’re disappearing. If the oceans lose their apex predator, the entire ecosystem could collapse. Costa is proud to be a long-term supporter of OCEARCH, an at-sea lab led by explorers and researchers who generate critical data and put science on the side of sharks.

Learn. Share. Protect.

Understanding erases fear. Help us protect what’s out there by learning the whole story, spreading the message and showing that you #DontFearTheFin.

Shop Costa Ocearch Collection Of Sunglasses And Help Fund The Fight

The Costa+OCEARCH Collection features new sunglasses and gear, inspired by the sharks that keep our oceans balanced. Your purchase helps fund future OCEARCH expeditions and their mission to protect sharks.  LOOK for the products below with OCEARCH in the title

  • Costa Rincon Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Rincon Sunglasses $249.00

    Costa Rincon Sunglasses


    Like the California point break it was named for, the Rincon is a classic West Coast straight bridge, wrapping style lines and edgy curved temples. The Shiny Black and Smoke...

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  • Costa Caballito Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Caballito Sunglasses from $149.00

    Costa Caballito Sunglasses


    Costa Caballito Sunglasses have a wide-templed frame for 360-degree coverage. Great for nearly every face size, this fun pair has a very durable nylon frame.

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  • Costa Copra Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Copra Sunglasses from $149.00

    Costa Copra Sunglasses


    Resourceful islanders know how to live sustainably, making use of every part of the plentiful coconut trees. Copra - dried, chopped coconut - is pressed for valuable oil, and the...

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  • Costa Half Moon Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Half Moon Sunglasses $249.00

    Costa Half Moon Sunglasses


    You'll look like a Maverick in Costa's Half Moon sunglasses, a West Coast inspired beach style that rides the mystique of epic ocean swells. Available in Shiny Black and Tiger...

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  • Costa Rafael Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Rafael Sunglasses from $169.00

    Costa Rafael Sunglasses


    Ever know a guide whose eyes seemed perfectly calibrated to local waters? Who could spot a bonefish among the shadows long before anyone else? Meet Rafael. These performance Costas with...

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  • Costa Anaa Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Anaa Sunglasses from $149.00

    Costa Anaa Sunglasses


    A short flight east and a million miles away from the tourist throngs of Tahiti, you'll find the unspoiled atoll of Anaa. Friendly locals will welcome you with handcrafted necklaces...

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  • Costa Cat Cay Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Cat Cay Sunglasses from $199.00

    Costa Cat Cay Sunglasses


    About 8 miles south of Bimini, this sleepy island which was once a hideout of Blackbeard the Pirate is known as the birthplace of bluefin tuna fishing are rugged Costa...

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  • Costa Remora Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Costa Remora Sunglasses from $149.00

    Costa Remora Sunglasses


    Remora's are named for a fish that hangs with some of the baddest sharks in the ocean; yet their petite frame provide style, grace and a hydrolite grip that won't...

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