Performance & water resistant watches for outdoor, workout, fitness, sports & diving.

Free•style / / [free-stahyl] n.   

1. Freedom of movement and creative expression   2. Unrestricted access and or use of time.  3. Performance Timing.  
4. Water Resistance.  5. Limited Lifetime Warranty.  6. Always On

Freestyle is a watch company who makes sport watches for people who like to go out and do things.  While everyone may not play the same sport or have the same passions, we all spend our time breathing, bleeding and sweating the same way.  At the end of the day it’s all about performance, and through the past 30 plus years Freestyle has become synonymous with performance.  Their slogan is "We are Freestyle, we are performance timing, and we are ALWAYS ON!"

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Freestyle Shark Classic 102003 Watch


Freestyle's most popular style and size, the Shark Classic 102003, is now available with a silicone band which is more durable and fade resistant t...

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