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Maui Jim Blue Hawaii

Maui Jim Blue Hawaii


Maui Jim Blue Hawaii Lens


Q) What is Blue Hawaii? 
A) Blue Hawaii is a new Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® lens option with a blue flash mirror coating.

Q) What drove the development of the Blue Hawaii lens? 
A) Blue Hawaii was created to capitalize on recent fashion trends in the marketplace, but done with a premium, polarized Maui Jim lens. Blue Hawaii is targeted toward Maui Jim’s modern and stylish consumers.

Q) What is the base color of the Blue Hawaii lens? 
A) The Blue Hawaii lenses are created using a Neutral Grey PolarizedPlus2 color enhancing lens. A blue flash mirror coating is then applied to create the new look.

Q) What lens materials are used for Blue Hawaii? 
A) Pure Titanium frames, including Baby Beach, Mavericks, Wiki Wiki, and Cliff House, will be available with MauiPure® lenses. The new fashion frames, Leia and Sweet Leilani, will be available with SuperThin (ST) Glass lenses.

Q) Why is there a bronze hue when you look through the lenses? 
A) The bronze appearance is a result of the blue flash mirror coating reflecting the color blue.

Q) What is the light transmission level of the Blue Hawaii lens? 
A) The Blue Hawaii styles have MauiGradient® lenses. The MauiPure lenses allow 19% light transmission and the ST Glass lenses allow 15% light transmission.

Q) Is Blue Hawaii available in prescription or MyMauiTM? 
A) Blue Hawaii is not yet available in prescription or MyMaui.

Q) Is Blue Hawaii a PolarizedPlus2 lens? 
A) Blue Hawaii is a PolarizedPlus2 lens and has all the properties of every other Maui Jim lens.

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