Maui Jim Maui Sunrise

Maui Jim Maui Sunrise

Q) What is MAUI Sunrise?

A) MAUI Sunrise is the latest Maui Jim PolarizedPus2® fashion lens offering with a pink mirror coating.

Q) What is the inspiration for the MAUI Sunrise lens?
A) At a peak of over 10,000 feet above sea level, the top of Haleakala in Maui is one of the most magical places in the world to watch the sun rise. As the sun’s rays filter through and reflect off the cloud bank, the light takes on brilliant hues of pink that inspire many things; wonder, marriage proposals, tears of joy, and now, our newest fashion lens.

Q) What is the base color of the MAUI Sunrise lens?
A) The MAUI Sunrise lenses are created using our Maui Rose® PolarizedPlus2 color enhancing lens. A pink mirror coating is then applied to create the new look.

Q) What lens materials are used for MAUI Sunrise?
A) Maui Jim's proprietary MauiPure® lens material, which combines optics almost as crisp as SuperThin Glass, ultra-lightweight construction and excellent scratch and shatter resistance.

Q) Why is there a slight bronze hue when you look through the lenses?
A) The slight bronze appearance is a result of the combination of the Maui Rose lens color and the mirror coating reflecting the color pink.

Q) What is the light transmission level of the MAUI Sunrise lens?
A) There is 14% light transmission via the MauiPure lenses found in the MAUI Sunrise styles.

Q) Is MAUI Sunrise available in prescription or MyMaui™?
A) MAUI Sunrise is not yet available in prescription or MyMaui.

Q) Is MAUI Sunrise a PolarizedPlus2 lens?
A) MAUI Sunrise is a PolarizedPlus2 lens and has all the color enhancing properties of every other Maui Jim lens.


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