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MyMaui X-Wear
Everyone has a unique sense of style, and X-wear we understand that sometimes our customers desire something different than what is available in our current selection and on store shelves. Thanks to the convenience of our MyMaui customization service, you can easily add a personal touch to your own pair. With MyMaui, you can create endless combinations that fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. See a frame that’s not paired with a lens you like? Customize nearly any style to suit your needs. In less than two weeks, we will get you the combination you choose. Why not add a reader option as well?
MyMaui Guardrails MM327-001 Sunglasses
from $1.99

MyMaui Maui Jim Guardrails Sunglasses

Maui Jim

Named after a west shore surf break just south of Lahaina known for waves that break close to shore, the classic Guardrail sunglasses from Maui Jim...

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from $1.99