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Ray-Ban X-Wear

Their name came from a mash-up of the words Banish and Rays, as in the wish to banish the rays of the sun from your eyes...and that they did...with style! Probably the most iconically successful eyewear brand worldwide. Over the last 75+ years, they have created cult classics that everyone else copied:

  • 1937 Aviators commissioned by the US army to protect pilots from the glare at high altitudes during WWII (made popular again after Tom Cruise in TopGun)
  • 1962 Wayfarers  (again made relevant by Tom Cruise in Risky Business)
  • 1986 Clubmasters  (sorry no Tom Cruise here)
  • 2016 Erika...the most successful women's lens to be created by RB

Do your Ray-Bans say Made in China? Read more  These ARE authentic sunglasses. 

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Blue-light

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Blue-light


The Clubmaster was first made famous by trailblazing artists and inspirational leaders. Once again the iconic design been reinvented – this time ad...

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