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Speaqua Barnacle Speaker

by Speaqua
Item Number: 261766
UPC: 868815000062

Born from the deep depth of the sea, the Barnacle is a premiere waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It's built to accompany the adventurer, withstand the elements, and enhance your stoke. In addition to its shock resistant durability, the Barnacle is fully dust/sand proof. Dunk this speaker under a wave, toss it in the sand, or float it down the river - the barnacle can hang! Through the stages of evolution, the barnacle has adapted a suction cup, helping bring more music more places. Stick it to any smooth surface! Whether you are getting frothy before a surf, cruising on your SUP, cranking tunes on the kayak, or groovin' in the shower - this Bluetooth speaker (sea creature) will endure anything mother nature throws at you.
* 100% Waterproof (IP68),
* travel friendly,
* durable,
* floatable,
* long lasting (up to 5 hours),
* built-in microphone (for taking hand free calls),
* dustproof,
* Bluetooth connectivity.

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