Vogue Eyewear

• Cares about details and is aware of the latest fashion trends
• Has all the optimism and energy of youth
• Wants creative and fun shapes
• Lives in a world of aspiration and desire
• Plays with fashion in everyday life
• Vogue was created in 1973, taking the same name as the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world
• Vogue’s image has been interpreted by internationally known models and actresses, thus representing the fashion-driven spirit of the brand
• Contemporary
• Quality and function
• Fashionable
• Playful and fun
• Refined
• Unique design that reflects each individual style
• Fun shapes and colors
• Hottest fashion trends translated into eyewear
• Combines superior quality with contemporary styling- all at a great, affordable value
Vogue delivers fashion values with colorful designs and hot trends - and it is for fashion lovers who love to live in a world of aspiration and desires. Whether you are young or feel young, call yourself a lady or a vamp, Vogue aims at accessible price points, all while maintaining a high level of fashion.

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