Von Zipper


VonZipper's aim is to create products that combine performance with fashion.
These are sunglasses designed to help you declare your originality while performing at the highest level.
VonZipper is a one-of-a-kind brand for high-quality performance eyewear.
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  • Von Zipper Booker Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Von Zipper Booker Sunglasses from $90.00

    Von Zipper Booker Sunglasses


    You gotta walk that walk and talk that talk. And you gotta say what you mean and mean what you say� Write your own story and let your actions speak...

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  • Von Zipper Lesmore Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Von Zipper Lesmore Sunglasses from $100.00

    Von Zipper Lesmore Sunglasses


    We are firm believers in the "if you can't lose it tan it" way of life. And it is matter of course that every now and again the good life...

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  • Von Zipper Lomax Sunglasses QUICK VIEW Von Zipper Lomax Sunglasses from $99.95

    Von Zipper Lomax Sunglasses


    Mount a bass drum to your back and strap cymbals to your knees! With your guitar in one hand and a harmonica in your mouth, accompany yourself in VonZipper Lomax...

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