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Peepers Cabana Bifocal Sunglass Reader

by Peepers
Item Number: 263907
UPC: 707471634009

You’re a classic person who enjoys a classic life style. Predictable, stable, and firm, your enjoyments include books and entertainment produced any time before the 1970s. Sip your whiskey sour while reading your favorite Hemingway novel with your records spinning in the background. When you step outside, keep your look and persona alive with our Cabana Bifocal Sunglasses. No bells, no whistles. A straight forward Bifocal sunglass for a straight forward kind of person. Sleek wayfarer frames available in black and tortoise, and thick temples that offer support and security when wearing them. Understated two-dot décor on either side of the frames give you a fancier look then what you’re used to, but we are sure you can don these with grace and class! When you’re staying in, keep them safe in a complimentary case that doubles as a cleaning cloth. With a deal like this, we know you’ll do the sensible thing and buy more than one!

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