PO2953S 95/58 56mm


PO2953S 95/58 56mm PO2953S 985/57 56mm PO2953SM 10445756

Persol PO2953S Sunglasses


Item Number: 002643
UPC: 713132315989

Persol is the brand favored by celebrities worldwide, as well as those who appreciate classic, understand and distincitv styling. The silver Persol arrow and patented Meflecto temples provide instant brand recognition and are an unmistakable mark of good taste. Persols brand character can be best described as classy, exclusive, stylish and unique. Persol PO2953S is a vintage celebration, a stylish frame from Persol that will suit any outfit. Sharp and smart, this Persol frame is a glamorous little package that stands out from the crowd.

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