RB3548N 001 51 MM


RB3548N 001/93 51 MM RB3548N 001 51 MM RB3548N 001/9O 51 MM RB3548N 001/30 51MM RB3548N 001/8O 54 RB3548N 002/58 54 RB3548N 1 54

Ray-Ban RB3548N Sunglasses


Item Number: 260639
UPC: 8053672611649

The Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses combine an absolute first on a newly introduced retro shape: flat lenses on hexagonal. In fact, the unique flat lenses (base 2.5) evolve this old-school classic, resulting in a stunning novelty that won�t let you go unnoticed.The RB3548N flat shades come in both classic colors as well as bold flash lenses, all paired with golden frames. MPN:

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