RB4207 60158G 55 MM Sale


Frame Color RB4207 601S9A 52MM RB4207 601S9A 55MM RB4207 6033T5 52MM RB4207 6033T5 55MM RB4207 609671 55MM RB4207 60158G 55 MM RB4207 609988 55 MM

Ray-Ban RB4207 New Wayfarer Liteforce Sunglasses


Item Number: 018481
UPC: 8053672234039
$136.50 $195.00

The Ray-Ban RB4207 New Wayfarer Liteforce Sunglasses offer an ultra-light modification to a modern classic. These Ray-Bans are made from a semi-crystalline thermoplastic which in space terms means "they're super light and super durable". These tech sunglasses offer the same thickness and design of the original Ray-Ban wayfarers with a more lightweight feel.

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