Frame Color


Frame Color RJ9052S 177/87 47MM RJ9052S152/3 47 RJ9052S 702211 47mm RJ9052S 70234L 47mm RB9052S 100S55 47MM RJ9052S 70331148 RJ9052S 70351348 RJ9052S 15273 47MM

Ray-Ban RJ9052S New Wayfarer Junior Sunglasses


Item Number: 001286
UPC: 805289432029

Ray-Ban RJ9052S New Wayfarer Junior Sunglasses are a trendy addition to the Junior Collection. These childsize Ray-Bans are a replica of the popular New Wayfarer Classics but slightly smaller. These sunglasses offer the same iconic squared lenses, comfortable fit and 100% UV protection that come in plenty of kid-friendly colors. With a look like this, you may never get your kids to take these off!

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