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About DON'T BUG ME PRODUCTS CREATED OUT OF A SELF NEED. Our unique all natural blend of essential oils and jojoba oil that allows us to enjoy the summer months when insects are swarming. We were looking for a combination of oils that smelled good to us and kept away what was bugging us. Unlike other natural formulations on the market that are adulterated with water, witch hazel or cream bases, Don't bug Me is unadulterated and is 100% oil. A little can go a long way, and what's cool about it is that it works on flies as well. INGREDIENTS: Essential oils of geraniol, lavender, citronella, lemon grass and golden jojoba oil. CAUTION: Do not spray in eyes or mouth. If you do flush with cool water and consult a physician. This product is 100% oil and can exaggerate the sun's rays which could result in sunburn. Aromas from essential oils can trigger respiratory problems so avoid this product if you have one. Either way do not inhale. UNIQUE PRODUCTS, UNIQUE SERVICES, ALL A PRODUCT OF PASSION Copyright (c) 2015 Solar Recover & Zausner LLC

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