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Solar Recover Hydrate Cream 2 OZ

by Solar Recover
Item Number: 026430
UPC: 808045616169

As a manufacturer we feel that almost all creams use way more wax than is needed as it is the least expensive ingredient in the product. The problem is that most creams and lotions don't penetrate through the exterior dead skin into the healthy skin, and worse, they leave a film that traps bacteria and diminishes the ability for skin to breathe. And while being manufactured preservatives are included in the formulations like alcohol that are contradictory to the product in that they contribute to dehydration rather than to hydration. Mathematically we use only as much vegetable emulsifying wax as is needed to create the emulsion and not beyond. Vitamin C & E Hydrating Cream is a 12 ounce jar of cream that is trapped in a 2 ounce jar, no fillers. And we don't have any ingredients in our factory that are classified as preservatives. We use a combination of the strongest antioxidants we can find and in the right proportions to preserve our products, the best part of which is that they are great for the health of skin and hair and contribute to hydration. Since we do not use actual preservatives in our products our cream can't withstand the assault that actual preservatives can. To that end please only use clean hands when removing cream from the jar and don't subject the jar to extremes in temperatures or it will begin to fall out of its emulsified state. INGREDIENTS: Virgin olive oil, purified water, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, essential oils of lavender & geranium, vegetable emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerin, vitamin C & E, rosehip & sea buckthorn berry extract, rosemary extract, comfrey, calendula, oregon grape root, comfrey root, and tea tree oil Copyright (c) 2015 Solar Recover & Zausner LLC

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