Winter Shades

19 November, 2013 0 comments Leave a comment

They might scream summer, but sunglasses are a prime accessory for the wintertime.

In the winter months of the north the sun sits much lower in the sky, making eyewear necessary for driving and when you hit the slopes this season. Winter shades are essential for steering clear of glare from snow. Even if your style is leaning more to a fashion-over-function kind of look - the right pair of sunglasses can add a stylish twist to your frosty season wardrobe.

The difference between the pair you wore all summer to soak up the sun (and your morning after walk-of-shame moments) and sunglasses more geared toward the winter season all comes down to design.

Styles differ in accordance to the season. The sun’s rays aren’t as powerful during the winter, which makes lighter tints and colors - browns, greys, yellows, oranges, rose tints, and greens in company - ideal. Winter frames tend to typically be larger and have a tighter wrap around your face to defend your eyes from all angles of the shallow lying sun.

We’ve chosen our five favorite pairs from our shop that are perfect for enjoying a little winter sunshine.


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