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Ricochet The SURFice Dog

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 Rocochet the Surfing Service Dog on X-Wear

So you’ve learned how to surf and you’re feeling pretty cool about it? Good! Now imagine trying to surf without using arms or legs but with a… tail! Ricochet is a, now retired, world-famous surf dog. Not only has Ricochet mastered the art of solo surfing but she can surf tandem (she has even surfed with a goat)! Ricochet has made headlines the world over for her surfing feats, even inspiring other dog owners as far as South Africa to teach their dogs to surf.

As if it weren’t enough that Ricochet is an actual SURFING DOG, she’s decided to use her skills for the benefit of the disabled. Ricochet’s owner claims that she, the dog, was the first one to actually make the leap onto a disabled child’s surfboard and start her career as the first ever SURFice dog. According to the story, Ricochet was surfing next to a young disabled boy when she decided, of her own free will, to get a lot closer to her companion and surf on the same board with him! From then on she’s surfed almost exclusively with those in need. Ricochet is actually trained and certified to provide therapeutic assistance to disabled people who are learning to surf. Learning to trust yourself in the water and ride the waves can be terrifying, but imagine the comfort of having a four-legged friend right by your side.

Ricochet began her career by surfing tandem with a young quadriplegic boy. Once that got the attention of her trainers, her skills were further developed and her ability to act as a therapy surf dog became more varied and valuable. Before her retirement, Ricochet surfed with people with PTSD, Autism, Paralysis, and even with disabled veterans! She is skilled at mirroring and alerting. When she is mirroring she reflects back a person’s emotions in her own body language and actions. When employing this technique, Ricochet is able to help a sufferer reconnect with a sense of inner-calm and to self-diagnose when they may be too overwhelmed or absorbed in a distracting emotion. When alerting, Ricochet acknowledges a person in distress and alerts others of their situation by planting her feet and refusing to move anywhere. This is easily noticeable and helps protect those with a risk of sudden attacks.


Throughout her career, Ricochet competed in dozens of international surf competitions. By working in conjunction with a number of charity organizations, she has also raised over half a million dollars to support the causes of both humans and animals. At only nine years old, how many of us can say that we’ve achieved anything close to how much Ricochet has.

Ricochet has her own website.  You can learn more about her and her programs here: http://www.surfdogricochet.com/

2017 Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon on X-Wear

The most famous marathon in the world - the Boston Marathon - has only ever set 4 world record times, though well over half a million runners have completed it.

This is largely due to the difficult course, unpredictable spring weather in Boston, and unusually late start time.

Heartbreak Hill

The marathon course is unusual because it starts out easy, and gets difficult at the end - a time when most endurance runners have depleted most of their energy. The most difficult section - the Newton Hills, which culminate in the infamous “Heartbreak Hill” - can defeat even the most experienced marathon runners.

The Newton Hills start at mile 16 and Heartbreak Hill challenges runners at mile 20-21 (out of the 26 miles course). This is the point where runners “hit the wall” and must find the willpower and extra push within themselves to make it past these difficult hills.

Marathon Challenges

Besides these challenging hills, runners must be prepared for almost any kind of temperature and precipitation, since April weather in Boston can vary widely depending on the year. And the late morning start time throws many runners off, since most other races start very early in the morning.

In addition, The Boston Marathon is the trickiest of all the majors to grab a bib. The BAA lists qualifying times by age group that you must beat by the previous September in order to secure a spot.

All these factors, plus the training and discipline that runners must have to complete this race, make these athletes inspiring heroes.

Famous Participants

One of the most famous pairs of Boston Marathon runners is “Team Hoyt.” Father and son, Dick and Rick, are famous because of the physical challenges that son, Rick, faces due to his cerebral palsy. Despite his condition, he loves sports and competes in hundreds of marathons and triathlons with his father pushing his wheelchair. They have completed 31 Boston Marathons to date.

Enthusiastic Spectators

The marathon is the most viewed sporting event in New England, inspiring around 500,000 spectators to cheer on the runners from the sidelines. The most famous spectators are those that gather in the famed “Scream Tunnel” outside of Wellesley College. The Scream Tunnel, located around the halfway mark of the race, is said to be so loud that you can hear it from a mile away. The enthusiastic fans offer much needed encouragement to the athletes.

2013 Bombings

On April 15, 2013 in the afternoon, two bombs went off a few yards from the finish line. Three people were killed and 264 were injured, 16 of which lost limbs. The race was halted, and many weren’t able to finish the course. The three killed by the explosions were 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, 8-year-old Martin Richard and 23-year-old Lu Lingzi. MIT police officer Sean Collier was a fourth victim of the bombers.  These victims will never be forgotten.

Lelisa Desisa - the winner of the 2013 marathon - gifted his medal back to the city of Boston to honor the victims of the bombings.

The physical and mental dedication needed for runners to first qualify and then complete this race, makes these runners an inspiration for all. X-Wear recognizes the inspiring athletes competing in this year’s race on April 17, and wishes them all a successful marathon day!

 Boston Marathon on X-Wear

The Incredible Indomitable Michelle Salt

10 April, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

 Michelle Salt on X-Wear

To lose a limb is a devastating and life changing loss for anyone that goes through it. That loss is made all the more devastating and poignant when your body is the athletic machine upon which your career and livelihood are based. Michelle Salt felt that crushing blow when her motorcycle slid off the road, slamming into the hillside in June 2011. Within minutes of the near fatal accident, responders arrived on the scene. Her mangled body was airlifted via helicopter to the nearest trauma center. The chilling voice recording of the paramedics are still available and give an eerie insight into the first moments of a life or death rescue mission.

Michelle is incredibly lucky to have escaped the accident with her life. With substantial blood loss from her thigh, paramedics thought her state was touch and go- they could lose her at any time. And, even when she did arrive to the hospital, she was kept on life support for seven days! Unfortunately, Michelle did not escape unscathed. She did lose her entire right leg. Any amputation is major surgery, but a leg amputation at 10 inches above the knee is almost as drastic as it gets.

For a fitness model and professional snowboarder, losing a leg is unfathomable. Years of training and intensity had given her ultimate command of her body. Now, everything was completely and eternally changed. However, instead of letting this loss completely ruin her, Michelle saw this as a second chance and said she planned to take full advantage of it.

 After months of recovery and years of rehabilitation, Michelle is in arguably the best shape of her life. She has continued competing as a fitness model and is every bit as beautiful as she was prior to the accident. In fact, Michelle even competed at the Olympic level in the Paralympic games in Sochi! Michelle continues to bike, run, snowboard, and drive, despite her significantly altered physique. In addition to maintaining her incredible fitness, Michelle gives motivational talks to young people throughout her native Canada. Her story will absolutely bring tears to your eyes and is something she is keen to share with anyone that may benefit from it.

Although Michelle has achieved incredible feats since losing her leg, she says it is a constant journey. The physical hurdles and changes are unfathomable, as anyone can see. However, there are psychological adjustments that have been some of the most difficult parts of her rehabilitation journey. Recovery has been quite the journey and Michelle continues to inspire and challenge all of us every day through her inspirational lifestyle.

4 Easy Ways To Protect from UVRays

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UV Protection from X-wear.com

We all know that when you’re planning to be out in the scorching sun all day you’ve got to lather on the sunscreen to avoid skin damage. But there are quite a few other sun safety rules and important SPF tips that are crucial to make sure you’re being as gentle on that skin as it deserves. To give you a leg up we’ve compiled a few products with some additional benefits and some clues about which circumstances to break them out in.

Solar Recover Hydrate Cream- Regardless of how good (or not so good) you’ve been to your skin after a full day out in the sun, chances are you’ll have lost a lot of the natural moisture your skin relies on to keep it taut and radiant. Solar Recover has 12 ounces of moisturizer jammed into a 2 ounce jar, leaving out any unnecessary fillers and waxes, distilling just the crucial vitamins that’ll have you feeling baby soft immediately. Pack this little jar in your beach bag and lather it on after your beach day. This is also a great option on areas that get a lot of sun unexpectedly (back of neck, chest, left arm during long drives). Even after exposure with no SPF, it’s never too late to try to reverse any new damage that may have occurred.

Sun Bum Conditioner- After a long climbing, surfing, biking, or golfing day, chances are your hair has taken quite the beating from the sun that was shining down. Although our hair does a lot to protect the sensitive skin on our scalps, it can get damaged itself through repeated exposure to sun. This Sun Bum conditioner restores the moisture and vitamins to our hair after time in the sun, providing UV protection for future exposure. As both a before and after sun treatment, this thick conditioner is a great product to take on your next surf trip.

Zinka Nosecoat- Nosecoat is one of our favorite products out there for extreme coverage for high-risk areas. Planning to be in the pool or among the waves all day? Leave nothing to chance and throw on this total coverage product. Absolute protection doesn’t have to be boring either! Zinka makes this super thick Nosecoat Zinc Oxide in every vibrant color under the rainbow. Meant to be super visible on the skin, you can use the neon tint to tell you exactly which area of your tender face and back you’ve already protected and which still need some attention. This is also a great option for those with tattoos that they need to give extra lovin’ to when in direct sun. Don’t let your new ink keep you from spending a full day in the water. Tote this (less than one ounce) bottle with you, and you’ll be good to go.

Sunglasses- You not only have to make sure to protect your skin, but you must also protect your eyes.  Some may think that sunglasses just help to make you look good… but they are a must to make sure your eyes are safe from those harmful UV Rays.

Freestyler Joe Parsons: Back to Back Gold

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 Joe Parsons at X-Games and X-Wear

If you’re an extreme snow sports fanatic chances are you know who Joe Parsons is. If not, take a look at this video of him becoming the first Freestyle Snowmobiler to win back-to-back gold medals at the Xgames.

If you’ve seen some interviews with Joe, you’ll know him as a normally mild-mannered athlete. That goes to the wind for a moment when Joe realizes he’s just become the first man to win the gold two years in a row. 


Between hugs and kisses to friends and family Joe pauses to let the cameras in on an insane secret, the jump that won him the gold had been attempted 12 times and only landed 3!  When realizing he was facing a 75% fail rate with the trick he’d use to break the record he says, ‘it was game time and I knew what had to be done”. If only it were that easy for all of us, Joe!

The moment was a real tearjerker for all involved in the XGames and freestyle snowmobiling. Fellow snowmobiler and competitor, Colten Moore is seen from the sidelines literally in awe of Joe, cheering him on as he lands jump after jump. You know you’ve got some real talent when even your competition has to recognize the insane skill you’ve got to be pulling off tricks like you are.

So what finally did it for Parsons to help him bring home the gold yet again? Well, he pulled out a move that had never before been seen. The Vault! In this one he’s in the air and turns his body fully around on the sled, at one point being completely backwards on the sled. Then, while still in the air he flips around yet again to land perfectly back on the snowmobile. The crowd knew that this was the move too that would likely push him over the line into XGames record setting as you can tell from the insane cheering all around.

Well done, Joe!




The Perfect Gift for Groups – We’ve Got You Covered

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Corporate Gifts on X-Wear.com

Picking out just the right gift for someone can be stressful enough, but when you’ve got to purchase for a group or corporate event, the decision can be impossible. The gift that you give to a group or team can do a lot to determine the dynamic and culture, and, if you’re buying unique pieces, can speak directly for your company! To help in the sometimes-daunting process of selecting just the right gift to give, we’ve made it easy for you and they’ll be sure to get more use than the same ol’ tote bag or t-shirt.

X-Wear, along with our Board Stiff stores, accommodate eyewear purchases for larger groups. Who doesn’t love sunglasses?  We all know that a signature frame can be recognized from a mile away.  Sunglasses are such a different idea for a gift and it will certainly do a lot to establish you as stylish, forward thinking, and useful. Every time they reach into their pocket to grab their pair, they’ll be reminded of just how useful your gift was and, in turn, how fun your event was! This gift can range in price from the very inexpensive, to a quality designer frame that’ll be with them long after your event has drawn the curtains.

So, what kind of event can you give sunglasses as gifts?  Well, pretty much anything.

  • Employee Incentives
  • Customer Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty Needs
  • Promotional Needs
  • Thank you for Clients
  • Sales Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Golf Events
  • Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Anything else you can think of!

Contact us for more information and a member of our dedicated staff will help you choose the perfect pair for your guests.  Believe us, they’ll love you for it!

Corporate Gifts from X-Wear.com


Our Picks for The Best Oakley Sports Sunglasses

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Even if you’re 100% pro, chances are you’re not entirely in the know about all the best sunglasses to wear for different outdoor activities. And that’s ok! We’ve outlined top outdoor sports glasses so that you can get back on the road/in the seat/ on the trail, or however it is you do what you love!

Oakley Flakjacket on X-Wear.com


When you’re out there pounding the pavement there’s nothing worse than having your record time ruined because you have to keep pushing your glasses up your nose or saying, ‘screw it’ and taking them off all together. The Oakley Flakjacket collection is a top rated pick for serious runners at a seriously doable price. Starting at $170 depending on add-ons, polarization, and special edition pairs, this lightweight glass will keep your eyes shaded mile after mile.

 Oakley ChainLink on X-Wear.com


When in the saddle you need a pair of glasses that are going to stand up against whatever terrain you might speed through. That’s why we’ve chosen the Oakley Chainlink Glass for our cycle fanatics. These bad boys are made with a lightweight resin frame that’s water, oil, and dirt resistant. Also, constructed using a hydrophilic side material, these glasses will only hug closer to you as you start to sweat. Coming in at just over $100, they’re an excellent cycling lens!


 Oakley Fuel Cell on X-Wear.com


When hiking, scrambling, or doing light climbing you’re going to want a glass that’s light weight, durable, and able to help you stay focused even as the terrain around you is changing rapidly. The Oakley Fuel Cell glasses are our favorite pick for even the most avid hikers. Their full coverage helps you get panoramic vision (crucial when you’ve gained crazy elevation and are about to get a breathtaking view), a lightweight frame, and insane polarization to suit you even if you’re wading through thigh-high alpine streams. At only $170, you’ll be glad you’ve got the best when you’re perched at the top of the mountain.



Have You Tried These Apps To Find The Best Skiing/Boarding Yet?

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Planning a ski or snowboard day sometime soon? Don’t go in blind, crossing your fingers that the slopes will be as powdery perfect as you’ve dreamt, the weather as predictable as you’ve hoped, or the Apres Ski Parties as poppin' as you’ve heard. Here are six apps to give you absolute certainty that your day (and night) will be filled with the best slopes at the best spots.

OnTheSnow Ski and Snowboard Report- Use OnTheSnow to get up to the minute condition reports and accurate forecasting, pulling data from all the top resorts. And, if reading a screen full of numbers isn’t helping you paint the best picture of what to expect, pull up a live webcam of the slopes you’re into and get the real picture of what it’s like.

NOAA Snow Forecast- NOAA is super helpful as it tells you exactly how much snow to expect in your area. Pick specific locations and wake up to daily info about what conditions those places saw overnight. Instead of generalized area info, choose info that is precise and accurate. Also, NOAA is giving an end of season 50% discount on this bad boy!

Liftopia- Use Liftopia to get snow conditions, specific slope info, resort maps, AND lift ticket discounts. That means you can pull up a ton of info about a specific resort and then get yourself on that very lift as cheaply as possible.

Peaks- Sitting at a fork in the road with a half dozen ski options in front of you and don’t precisely know which is which? Peaks has over 25,000 mountains in its database and can let you look like the ultimate mountain master with the names of every peak on the horizon.

Epicmix- The official app for some of the biggest resorts in the country (Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Afton Alps, Mt. Brighton), and rightly so! It’s a social app that allows thousands to share up to the minute stats about snow conditions and anything else you may need to know to plan your day. It also has the benefit of allowing you to talk to anyone else using the app and, if you’re up for it, to compete for a top spot on the Leaderboard!

Snocru- Although Snocru can’t tell you how much new powder may be settling on various slopes, this app won best ski/snowboard app from Wired Magazine, Ski Magazine and Snowboard Magazine and deserves a spot on our list. Snocru connects you to everyone on the mountain regardless of signal or service using a ‘Near Me’ function. Get all the possible stats on your skiing (and other boarders on the slopes with you) that you could want, and discuss them at a great Apres Ski Party that Snocru can also connect you to!

Shredding it on X-Wear

Now that you’ve got all the info you could possibly need in the palm of your hand, go hit the slopes! Happy shredding  


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Derek Mitchell on X-Wear


Derek Mitchell will never be the fastest. But this doesn’t stop the Kansas City native from stepping up to the starting line and making his way towards the finish line 3.1 miles later.

The 560-pounder embodies the X-Wear spirit of forging your own path. He has been doing so for the past three years, taking part in 5Ks throughout the country as he strives to lose weight and improve his health. In the process, he has inspired others, showing them what is possible, if you only try.

Mitchell’s health issues are the result of prolactinoma, a non-cancerous tumor of the pituitary gland that impacts his metabolism. Because of that, Derek told us, “I got bigger and bigger. I’d go on several diets where I’d lose 20 to 30 pounds. Then it would plateau.”

Doctors finally diagnosed Mitchell’s condition seven years ago. He takes medication and has undergone treatment to minimize the impact of his condition. In recent years he has taken matters into his own hands by improving his eating habits – he no longer drinks soda – and adding exercise to his physical regimen.

He participated in his first 5K in Kansas City three years ago. He followed that up by completing 21 more in 2015 and then 30 in 2016. This year, he has run 2 so far and plans on doing another 23 5Ks and 5 10Ks. “My goal is finishing,” he said. “Early on, when I started doing these and getting better times, I focused more and more on that. Then I got a stress fracture because I was pushing to get faster and faster. Now, as long as my feet cross the starting line and at some time later cross the finish line, I’m a happy camper.”

For Mitchell, it’s not only about finishing. It’s about the camaraderie he has developed with other participants. “The running community is one of the most positive, encouraging groups of people I’ve ever met,” he said. “There is nothing more positive and encouraging than being there on the course. They don’t care how big or slow you are. The fact you are out there is what they care about.”

In the process, the 36-year-old Mitchell has built up a legion of fans – he has nearly 26,500 followers on Facebook – who root him on each race he runs. He also inspires others who are struggling with similar issues in their own lives.

On a GoFundMe set up to cover the expenses of the races he runs, one donor wrote, “You’re my new hero! I, too, am an obese guy and just finished my first 5K. I plan to follow in your footsteps! Thanks for the inspiration!!!”

Another wrote, “When people tell me they can’t run, I tell them your story.”

These comments are just a few examples of how Mitchell’s story is having a positive impact on others. “It is awesome to see the kind of effect I can have on someone,” he told X-Wear. “It is also a way to motivate me not to stop.”

And so Mitchell continues to set goals for himself. He wants to continue losing weight – at his heaviest he weighed 625 pounds – and he wants to continue traveling the country, competing in 5Ks and 10Ks. While it’s unlikely he will ever win those races, the fact that he is competing in them is victory enough.

You can learn more about Mitchell, who has been featured in People Magazine, Runner’s World and Inside Edition, by liking his Facebook page here.

Forge Your Path

At X-Wear, we believe people like Mitchell should motivate us all to forge our own path, regardless of whether it’s running, hiking, skateboarding, surfing or biking.  To do so requires the proper equipment. Start with sunglasses, necessary to protect your eyes and optimize your vision during those times of day when the sun is at its brightest. Our performance line includes Oakley, Native and Wiley X, all brands that are durable enough to withstand the physical elements of long hours spent outside.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore ...

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Lauren and Henry Costa paragliding in Switzerland

We all settle into routines and embrace the familiar. But doing so can be dangerous, leading us into complacency and a life where procrastination becomes the norm.

We’re not sure whether any of those thoughts crept into Lauren and Henry Costa’s minds last year, but if they did, they were used as motivation for the pair to throw their Los Angeles routines on their head as they spent five months embracing the unfamiliar.

In early August, the couple left their comfortable confines on the West Coast and embarked on a 25-country tour that started in Oslo, Norway and ended in Seoul, South Korea. Their travels took them to much of Europe and some of Asia, with a short layover in Dubai. It was chronicled in Lauren’s blog, Wanderfull Explorer, which includes traveling tips on where to stay and what to do in the cities and towns they visited.

While the couple is filled with wanderlust, Lauren is admittedly the free spirit of the two. “I always mentioned wouldn’t it be awesome if we did a really wild adventure that people do where they take a sabbatical or move somewhere abroad,” she told X-Wear.

Henry, who is more of a pragmatist, had long dismissed the idea of traveling the globe until his wife finished her school year – she was a special education teacher in Watts – in June. “He told me, ‘Now is the time for us to do this crazy idea,’” Lauren said, explaining that Henry was in between jobs at the time. “The impetus was we don’t have these huge responsibilities, in terms of kids or owning a home. We thought to ourselves, the next time we’ll be able to do this is probably when we’re in our 60s or 70s.”

They spent the next two months planning for an adventure that opened up their eyes to new cultures, their hearts to new possibilities, all while deepening their insights into themselves as individuals and strengthening their bond as husband and wife.

Favorite Experiences

The Costa’s trip was one spent chasing the sun and warm climates, “because we hate any form of weather that is not spring or summer,” Lauren explained to us. They started in Scandinavia, traveling from Eastern Europe from the north and proceeding south before creeping west towards England and Ireland. They then headed east visiting India, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bali and South Korea.

Of course, we had to ask, their favorite places to visit. In Europe, Lauren listed Lake Bled and Ljubljana in Slovenia; the Bernese Alps in Switzerland; and Portugal’s beaches. In Asia, Laos and the Philippines topped her list.

While sightseeing was a part of their itinerary, so too was recreation. The pair went paragliding off a mountain in Interlaken, Switzerland; set out on an early morning hike in Indonesia ; went on a safari boat tour of Norway’s fjords; rode motorbikes in Vietnam; and explored the Mekong River in Laos while perched atop elephants. “We are going through this famous river in the middle of Asia on these gigantic animals,” Lauren said of the elephant tour. “It was one of those moments when you stop and think, ‘This is what life is all about.’”

Tips for Travelers

For those looking to follow in Lauren and Henry’s footsteps, they had some practical advice to get the most out of your overseas adventures. First, Lauren suggested, to set aside enough time for planning. “We met so many people who would arrive in a city and didn’t have a place to stay,” she said, explaining that their time was then spent trying to find accommodations instead of exploring. “We planned our train travel and flights… And make sure you are educated and look at all of the routes you’re going to take and see how fast they book  up because maybe you want to go to a festival in a city and the train there is booked for that week.”

The Costas planned their trip by starting big – first the route and what countries they wanted to visit – before focusing on the smaller, day-to-day activities.

An additional tip that some may overlook: “Make sure you add an extra day in each place to relax,” Lauren said. “You need a day to just walk around or sit in a café or watch people passing by drinking a cup of European coffee or sleep in on a weekend. Factor in a lazy Sunday at least once a week.”

Of course, capturing your memories is important. Lauren brought her Canon DSLR, but wishes, “I had a GoPro when we went rafting, were on elephants, on crazy hikes, paragliding, motorcycling in Vietnam or cliff jumping in the Philippines. These are definitely experiences I’ll cherish in my mind, but I do wish I got video of it.”

She also recommended traveling lightly, asking the ever-important question of, “do I really need this?” while packing. “If you have to ask that question, then you don’t need it and you’re going to be mad it’s taking up space in a travel bag.”

Embracing the Travel Bug

What’s next for the Costas? Currently, they’re taking a slight break as they squeeze in weddings on the East Coast and Midwest over the next few months. In December, they may cross Israel off their list. If so, this would add to the 42 countries Lauren has already visited that includes Iceland (one of her favorites), Tanzania (she taught there for half a year) and Thailand and Maldives (the couple honeymooned there in 2014).

As to why people should embrace the travel bug, Lauren put it this way: “Travel helps you collect moments that will help you find yourself, learn more about yourself and open up your mind to the world which just makes you a fuller person, makes you understand people on a deeper level, no matter who they are.”

That’s definitely a philosophy X-Wear can embrace. If you want to learn more about the Costa’s travels, visit Lauren’s website www.wanderfullexplorer.com, like her page on Facebook here and follow Lauren on Instagram (LLCExplores) and on Twitter (@laurenlevy).

You can also read some of our staff’s favorite places to travel here. And if you’re unsure of what you should pack for your trip, besides the GoPro which you can find here, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking this link. We can recommend an assortment of clothing and gear ideal for your next vacation.

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