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Dirtbag* Cedar Wright Still Has The Wright Stuff

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Cedar Wright on X-Wear.com

Cedar Wright, American born climber, is in many ways the last of a dying breed.

Based out of his decade-old Saturn, Cedar prioritizes climbing over almost every other aspect of life itself. In pursuit of the constant climb, Cedar has given up any semblance of a normal existence. He doesn’t have a house, he doesn’t have a regular job, and his only companions are those sitting around the campfire with him. Unfortunately, this pool of companions seems to shrink and shrink each season, according to Wright.

In its heyday, living a Dirtbag* lifestyle in the back of a van among the mountains somewhere, was a much more popular alternative route from mainstream society. However, as this bubble of avid climbing dirtbags has aged over the past two decades, their propensity to continue living in survival mode has gotten old and unappealing. As such, the vast majority of these climbers have returned to the comfort of their homes and now only climb in their spare time, after work or on weekends.

This shift in the Dirtbag population hasn’t prevented Cedar Wright from continuing to commit fully to this lifestyle choice. He does remark that it can be more lonely to live in this way these days. Like any normal human being, Cedar knows all too well that successful climbs and inhuman feats are made all the more sweet when you’re able to share them with people who have the same passion for sheer rock face that you do.

So, what has led to this shift? The movement of becoming a Dirtbag climber was first popularized in the 1970s when gutsy climbers began setting records in Yosemite. Inspired by their successes, many young rock enthusiasts flocked to the park from all around the country. This lifestyle bonded together all of the fellow climbers and kept many on the scene longer than they initially intended to stay. However, like any popular trend, eventually it did die out and climbers from the world over slowly migrated back to offices and track homes. Cedar, however, aims to stay true to his craft by putting climbing before any and everything. Take a look at this interview he gives about what it is to be a Dirtbag climber in this day and age.

 * Dirtbag (as defined by Urban Dictionary): A person who is committed to a given (usually extreme) lifestyle to the point of abandoning employment and other societal norms in order to pursue said lifestyle. Dirtbags can be distinguished from hippies by the fact that dirtbags have a specific reason for their living communally and generally non-hygienically; dirtbags are seeking to spend all of their moments pursuing their lifestyle
The best examples of dirtbags and dirt-bagging are the communities of climbers that can be found in any of the major climbing areas of North America--Squamish, BC; Yosemite, CA; Joshua Tree, CA; etc.

Own A Work Of Art": HULA BLUES

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Hula Blue by Maui Jim on X-Wear.com

This summer get your hands on a piece of history. The historic partnering of Maui Jim and Vinylize is about to give way to a truly revolutionary summertime sunglass. The team plans to craft only 6000 pairs of limited edition sunglasses.

The frame, designed by the trusted sunglass maker, Maui Jim, will be pressed together by heating and shaping an actual vinyl record. And not just any vinyl record! They will be pressed using actual 12 inch vinyl records of the 1923 recording ‘Hula Blues’ which, for many, embodies the lifestyle and spirit of the Hawaiian islands.

This song was carefully selected by both parties because it truly represents the golden era of Hawaiian living. The soft tones and unforgettable rhythm was produced nearly 100 years ago but is still one of the most recognizable songs to those on the islands as well as around the world.

On the inside of the signature vinyl frames, you can find the original sheet music for the song. By keeping the musical influence of these frames as true to their essence as possible, the manufacturers are packaging them in undeniably Hawaiian patterned boxes.

Maui Jim knew that the lenses on these timeless sunglasses needed to mirror their spirit as well. They will be offered in only neutral gray and a deep bronze variation. These lens colors are intended to not take away from the artistry of the frames but naturally enhance the colors in the world around the wearer. For those who will actually wear the glasses in their tropical home, the colors of the ocean, trees, and ubiquitous flowers will be heightened and intensified.

Vinylize is famous in Europe for using vinyl records to create new works of art. They say that they were very grateful to be partnering with a fellow sunglass lover, Maui Jim, who they say did not ask them to sacrifice in quality of design or construction on this project.

And thank goodness they didn’t sacrifice because the outcome is undeniably perfect in every way. In fact, the partnering was so successful that it would not be out of the question for Maui Jim to find future artists and musicians to make inspiring, limited edition sunglasses with.

With the additional vinyl records that do not end up needing to be used, vinylize plans to release them for their intended purpose, to play and enjoy the tunes of Hula Blues. This is yet another testament to the companies that are trying to really resurrect the golden age of Hawaii.

With only 6000 pairs being put into production, getting ahold of a pair might be a bit of a challenge. Get your pair here before they’re gone and hula into your summertime dream!

Minneapolis X-Games

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Minneapolis 2017 X-Games on X-Wear.com

Last weekend, July 13-15, The X Games were held in Minneapolis.The festivities began on Thursday and continued on Friday, as action sports athletes competed for medals in BMX, Skateboard and Moto X challenges. Arguably the most exciting sport was the BMX Street Final and the Women’s Skateboard Street Final.

The BMX Street Final was heroically won by Garrett Reynolds, whose run scored 89.33, bringing him the gold. Devon Smillie took silver with a score of 87.00. The battle for bronze was much closer, with Simone Barraco taking it with a score of 85.66, just .33 points ahead of Dakota Roche in fourth. This made the action exciting to the last second.

Reynolds has won this competition eight of nine of the times it has been offered, and as usual, his run on Friday was incredible.

The Women’s Skateboard Street final wasn’t quite a blowout. The top scores were all within two to three seconds of one another. Aori Nishimura took the gold medal with a run that scored 87.66. Samarria Brevard was in second, earning her the silver medal with a run of 84.66, a full three points behind Nishimura. In third, Leticia Bufoni took the bronze with an 82.00 flat, two points ahead of Pamela Rosa in fourth.

 The highly anticipated Moto X Step Up Final, BMX Park Final, Skateboard Big Air Final and more took place on Saturday. The BMX Park Final was the first medal win of the day. Kevin Peraza took home the gold, posting a score of 90.33. He was a full three points above Logan Martin, who took silver at 87.33, who narrowly edged out Daniel Sandoval with a score of 87.00 for bronze.

In the Moto X Step Up, Jarryd McNeil posted a height of 44 feet for the gold medal. His only close competition was Bryce Hudson, who took silver with a height of 43 feet. Third place, in a very exciting turn of events, was a three-way tie between Ronnie Renner, Massimo Bianconcini and Libor Podmol all at 39 feet.

In the Skateboard Big Air finals, Elliot Sloan soared like an eagle with a 94.00, ahead of Tom Schaarr who won the silver medal with a 91.66. Clay Kreiner earned bronze with a score of 88.00. In the Skateboard Street Amateurs, Jagger Eaton, Zach Saraceno and Alex Midler took gold, silver and bronze, respectively. Eaton was far, far ahead of the rest though, with a score of 91.66 while Saraceno in second posted a score of 72.00.

The events were a blast to attend. Festival goers enjoyed athlete appearances, vendor booths, and delicious food stands. The air was simply buzzing and the scores from the weekend demonstrate that electricity!

SkateBoarding: More Than Just A Sport In South Africa

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Skateboarding in Africa on X-Wear.com

Skateboarding is most commonly associated with its Southern California origins. When one imagines the quintessential skateboarder they typically conjure up a picture of a blond guy with shaggy hair, worn out vans, doing tricks on a halfpipe under the shade of palm trees close to the ocean.

Although this typical skater guy can still be found in coastal towns across the country, there’s much more to the art of skating that is giving skateboarding an incredible new image. We’re pretty sure that you’ve never thought of rural South Africa as a hub for the sport. But, as Indigo Skate Camp in the Isithumba region of South Africa continues to change lives, South Africa is sure to be put on the map of international skating hubs.

The boys and girls who are lucky (and dedicated) enough to attend the skate camp are often kids that were once playing in the streets, not in school, and with a much higher likelihood to get involved with illegal or dangerous activities.

Under the supervision and guidance of their teachers,the students are taught important life lessons such as self respect, determination, consistency, and healthy living. Where these young skaters, previously without afternoon guidance, could easily have wound up hanging out with some unsavory characters, they now have more structure, purpose, and community. One young boy even likens the skate group to a family unit.

The young athletes occasionally have the opportunity to travel to Johannesburg, one of the South African capital cities. At Snake Park in Jo-Berg, the skaters have the chance to experience what is possible through skateboarding on a grander scale. They see what sorts of doors are open to them if they continue diligently in their craft. They could eventually rise to South African skate fame or even lead a camp and change lives, like what has been done for them.

Take a peek at the video below that brought this incredible story to light.

How has skating or any sport completely changed your life?

What's Your Sport? We've Got The Best Sunglasses For It!

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Sports Sunglasses on X-Wear.com


When you’re out on the green, setting up for the perfect shot, there’s nothing worse than having the sun in your eyes. Not only can it seriously mess up your round, but it can terribly affect the health of your eyes long term. It’s important to have a lens that will keep you protected and playing at your best. This page on X-wear.com has a ton of great options! Golf glasses should be smudge proof and lightweight to stay clean and out of the way while you jaunt around on the green.


For those that love to play ball, you know it’s crucial to have high performance sunglasses that won’t impact your play. Given the nature of baseball, this sunglass needs to be comfortable for long periods of wear as well as able to stay in place when your movements are jerky and fast. This Native Lynx pair are made for the job! They’re semi rimless, letting them sit flush with your cheek and offer full coverage. The reflective lens offers both protection as well as privacy. Sometimes, in baseball the movement of your eyes can be enough to telegraph your next move. Keep your next pitch or swing to yourself with these well crafted lenses.


If you’re spending a long day out on the water you know that there are some qualities your sunglasses MUST possess. Not least among them is polarization. Given that your gaze will be hovering just above the water’s edge for the day, you’ll need a pair that will allow you a more in depth gaze beneath the surface. This Smith Dockside pair are the best accompaniment to a day on deck!


There are only a couple of things necessary for a full day of fishing, Bait, Tackle, a rod, and a well made pair of sunglasses. For a fisherman of fisherwoman, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a huge fish at the end of your line, being in the process of reeling him up to the surface, and not being able to see below the surface to really give your new catch a look. Worse yet, sometimes an inability to view below the water can actually cause you to lose a fish you thought you had. In order to combat potential UV harm as well as gaze into the watery depths, we recommend this Costa Howler pair!


So you love to hit the pavement and throw down some miles? We hear ya! Make sure you’re equipped with a pair of sunglasses this summer that will keep the sun farthest from your thoughts and help make you more aerodynamic in the process! This Oakley pair is the perfect combination of polarized, protective, and sturdy. With a powerful grip on the nosepiece and lenses that automatically adjust to light input to keep you comfortable, they’re a summertime must have.




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#ShredHate on X-Wear.com

There’s no question that being a kid can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. Between things constantly changing, having little autonomy, and uncertainty about what’s to come, many of us look back on childhood both with fondness as well as gratitude that we are now adults. Another difficult part about being young is the bullying that unfortunately occurs in schools all around the world. In order to help some of the 10 million students bullied in schools each year, the X Games and ESPN created the ShredHate campaign.

In order to help make schools around the country friendlier places, the X Games is empowering kids to stand up to their peers when they see bullying taking place. ESPN and the X Games acknowledge that sports and athletics can be both a cause of as well as a refuge from bullying. For those of us that are involved in sports we know that some of the truest, most open moments we have in life are when we are playing the sport that we are most passionate about. Athletics can be an incredible and healthy way to find a release from the outside pressures of growing up. They want to harness the power and passion behind sports to make kids more confident and kind toward one another.

According to their stats, 1 in 3 students will face bullies in school at some point. The X Games hopes that by educating kids on what bullying looks like and how it hurts their friends and peers, they’ll encourage adolescents to help stop bullies in their tracks. Part of the #shredhate campaign is to implement a Solutions Coach in schools. These brave individuals attempt to correct instances of bullying whenever they see them and help to create inclusive environments.

We all can think back to a time in our youth when those around us were less than kind. Many of us have just conceded that bullying is a part of growing up. However, with instances of self harm and even childhood suicide on the rise, ESPN and The X Games have decided that enough is enough. The campaign also encourages each and every one of us to actively combat bullies and work to make our society more caring and inclusive. This campaign causes us to ask ourselves, what can I do in my own life to help this situation? And, how can I use sports to create a kinder, easier world to grow up in?

5 Of The Most Beautiful US Hiking Spots

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Hiking the US on X-Wear.com

Angels Landing – Credit: Utah.com

The United States is an expansive, dynamic, and awe inspiring place. When it comes to natural wonders, there are few other places in the world that surpass what one can find in the States. This summer opt to go out and explore some of the incredible National parks that cover hundreds of thousands of miles across the country. From coast to coast, there are mountains to be climbed, trails to be forged, and photos to astound others. We've compiled a list of some of the best hiking to be had in the US for your summertime pleasure.


This is our absolute favorite hike in America. Angel's Landing is a major part of what makes a trip to Zion National Park in Utah absolutely unforgettable. This hike is 4.8 miles round trip and, what it lacks in distance, it makes up for in elevation climb. You'll stat at the valley floor and quickly rise to the top of the mountain. Then comes the fun part; a chain course! On this hike you'll be clasping to a chain, which is tethered to the mountain, and looking down thousands of feet on either side. It's terrifying but extremely exhilarating. The views at the end, which give it its name, are breathtaking and unforgettable.


This is an iconic hike in Yosemite National Park in California. This hike can be on the lengthier side. When combined with Four Mile Trail starting at the valley floor, it can be about 16 miles in total. You'll climb from the valley floor to the top of Panorama Trail and then follow Panorama all the way back down to the floor. Make sure to leave about eight hours for this hike. The distance is well worth it, though. You'll get up close and personal with Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and other incredible views of the valley from angles you've never even dreamt of seeing.


This Hawaiian gem is 11 miles, end to end, and incredible every step of the way. Located on the island of Kauai, this trail offers the only land access to the hidden beach to which it owes its name. The views below are incredible throughout, often offering glimpses of the sparkling blue water far below. Once you get to the end, you're likely to be the only person sprawled out on the white sand.


No hiking list would be complete without an appearance by the Grandest of Canyons. This is an actual wonder of the world- a title that has been well earned. The North Rim made the list as it is far less visited and offers spectacular vistas with a fraction of the other people. It sits at a much higher elevation and allows for incredible views into the canyon. Opt for any path leading into the canyon. Safety is key here! It gets hotter as you descend and climbing back up is one of the toughest hikes you’re likely to ever do. Water can be scarce as you descend- so be smart!


This trail is absolutely stunning and a must-see for those visiting Glacier National Park. This particular trail offers panoramic views of snow capped mountains and the opportunity to gaze into rainbow colored lakes. Minerals in the glacial lakes cause the water to turn bright hues of blue and green. If you’re brave enough, try to take a dip into the icy water.

Panorama Trail with X-Wear.com

Panorama Trail credit: ScenicWonders.com

Can An 8 Year Old Be A Skateboard Star?

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Sky Brown and Vans on X-Wear.com 


The youngest competitor in Vans US Open Pro Series has officially hit the scene. Sky Brown is only 8 years old and hails from Miyazaki, Japan. Her long journey out to California for the competition proved well worth it, however, seeing as she made Vans history as the youngest competitor ever. Although she did fall off of her skateboard during a heat, her determination and spunk, partnered with her shockingly young age, made her a crowd favorite. It was truly an inspirational moment at the competition to watch young Sky fall off her board, put her head in her hands for a moment, and then hop right back on her board, this time with a vengeance. She is certainly one in a million, but it does look as though her younger brother is following suit. At only four years old, Sky’s younger brother, Ocean, is ramping up to be quite the skateboard prodigy himself.

So, what does it take to become so masterful at a sport at such a young age? Pure determination, consistent practice on a daily basis, and the ability to get right back up on the bard, even after taking a spill in front of thousands. Her parents were skateboard sensations themselves. They knew that Sky would have a propensity for the sport and put her and her younger brother in a preschool with a skatepark. That means that starting at the young age of three, both children have been exposed to the skating world and have been encouraged to better their abilities as athletes and skaters.

In addition to skating, Sky is a very adept surfer. You should definitely check out some of her surf videos! Her parents are firm believers that one sport’s performance can be improved by working on others. They must be onto something, seeing as Sky’s skating abilities have steadily improved in tandem with her surf skills. Her parents also manage an adorably inspiring Instagram account for their prodigal children, highlighting their talents and adorable, little faces. So, if you’re looking to become the next athletic prodigy, it’s all about getting on whatever board you can at every single opportunity. And also, as Sky proves, the most important thing is just to get out there and try! It’s ok to fall down. What matters is how you handle getting back up.


'Sup? Cape Cod: Looking For A Great SUP Beach?

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 Cape Cod SUP beaches on X-Wear

In the past ten years, a new water sport has grown immensely in popularity. What was once a fringe activity, most commonly referred to as ‘stand up surfing’ and taking place in Hawaii and Asia, SUP is now a staple on American beaches, from coast to coast.

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. This sport couldn’t be simpler to get involved with. All you need to get onto the water as a bonafide SUP enthusiast is a long paddle board, generally foam, a paddle, and a swimsuit (don’t forget the sunscreen). The ease of getting involved with SUP and the variety of places where it can be enjoyed have allowed the sport to grow exponentially since early 2008. Although almost any beach or waterway can be used for SUP, certain conditions do make the experience more enjoyable. To help you get out and on the paddleboard as often as possible this summer, we’ve compiled the top five beaches in Cape Cod for doing some SUP.

1) Megansett Beach- This beach is located just outside of Falmouth and features relatively calm waters and a somewhat secluded environment. The calm waters make it an excellent spot for beginners. The views of North Falmouth and the stunning homes that dot the coastline make Megansett a superb SUP spot.

2) Skaket Beach- If you’re looking for a side of sunset with your SUP order, Skaket is the place to be. This public beach allows people to SUP the Cape Cod Bay, an amazing coastline to be in front of. Featuring arguably the most beautiful sunset in Cape Cod, this is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the skyline, the coastline, or even yoga on the sand.

3) Sandwich Town Neck Beach- Town Beach is a ton of fun, as much for what one finds above the water as below. With the boardwalk leading from the mash to the beach and the bustling shoreline, everything that takes place outside of the water is a blast in itself. Beneath the surface it only gets cooler. With a clay reef and sunken ships, it’s a SUPer’s underwater dream. Gaze below the waves as you paddle from end to end.

4) Sandy Neck Beach- This beautiful Cape Cod beach features the longest shoreline in the region and sweeping views that seem to go on endlessly. The windswept sand dunes and calm waters make it among the most zen beaches to SUP in.

5) Herring Cove Beach- Located in Provincetown, Herring Cove features the other most amazing sunset in Cape Cod. The waters at the cove provide the ultimate opportunity to really engross oneself in nature. It isn’t uncommon to see seals and whales breaching and splashing by the water’s edge. For SUPers, this is undoubtedly the best way to get cup close and personal with the action happening in the water.

Maui Jim Shoots The Ocean

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Maui Jim Ocean Shootout on X-Wear.com

Photo Credit: MauiJimOceanShootout.com

This June 3-4, Maui Jim Sunglasses hosted the annual Maui Jim Shootout. The weekend long event is always organized for the opening weekend of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. This multi-day event is comprised of 10 individual sprint races and 2 co-ed races in various ocean sports challenges. Events in the competition range from swimming, to SUP (stand up paddleboarding), to open water kayaking and are meant to comprise every main aquatic sport.

Challengers are organized into teams and the majority of races are run solo, with a singular event requiring two contestants. Challengers accumulate points throughout the weekend both on an individual basis as well as for their teams. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the weekend takes home the cash prize, which this year is an enticing $50,000. In addition to a team winning the overall prize, a single Water man and Water woman are crowned for most individual points accumulated throughout the duration of the weekend.

This year’s champions for the overall Water man and Water woman were Travis Grant and Amy Woodward. This brought the titles’ winners back stateside after 2016’s dynamic Aussie duo held the titles prior. The same American champion duo won the exceedingly competitive swim and SUP combined challenge. Throughout the competition they dominated competitors and performed with superhuman stamina.

This year’s events were held on the picturesque Ka’anapali Beach in Maui where athletes from all corners of the globe met to show off their skills. Maui Jim decided to use the same beach as the predictable conditions and incredible scenery make it a perfect background for a competition of this magnitude. If you’re looking for some workout motivation or some inspiration to plan a trip out to Hawaii asap, definitely give the official videos a look.

Aquatic sports are often touted as the best overall workouts to help you tone your body without putting much direct force on your joints. If you’re trying to get a great workout in and want to try something a little different, hop in a pool to swim some laps or try out SUP which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Regardless of what you do, make sure to be safe in the water and always be sun safe!

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