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Corporate Gifts, Group Sales, Wedding Parties & High Volume Sunglass Orders

Did you know that X-Wear, along with our Board Stiff stores and Sunglass Stores can accommodate specialty purchases for larger groups?


Employee Incentives, Customer Incentive Programs, Customer Loyalty Needs, Promotional Needs, Thank You for Clients, Sales Meetings, Conferences, Corporate Golf Events, Special Events, Weddings, Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties...


If you ever find yourself wondering what type of gift you’d like to give your guests during your next big event or group function – choose Spectacular Sunglasses - Or Funky Socks from Stance - Or Stylish Belts from Arcade - Or the Best Water Bottles you've ever seen from Corksicle - Or Caps, Hats and Tees from Salty Crew Or any number of Awesome Items. Let a member of our dedicated staff help you choose among endless selection of gifting ideas so you can give your group a stylish, uniformed look.


AND if you're not sure what particular gift you want to give them, how about a Gift Card?  We can arrange for these cards to be item or amount specific - You choose!


Make Unforgettable Memories with a Gift from

Contact us now by EMAIL and we will help brighten up (figuratively speaking, of course) your next group event!