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Happy New Year...'Tis the Season...for Goggles, that is

Goggles aren't just cool looking accessories for Snowboarding and Skiing - they are as necessary as your board or skis for your ultimate fun and safety.

It is even advisable to wear them when you are cleaning up after a snowstorm with your Snowblower!  Ever have ridiculous snow blow-back while shoveling out your driveway.  It makes an already tiresome task even more difficult.

Ice chips and other wind-blown debris HURTS when they hit your eyes, causing your eyes to tear up and then your vision to become blurry.  Who wants to be heading down the mountain at break-neck speeds with blurry eyes!

Why goggles instead of sunglasses you ask? are some thoughts

  • The higher up you go (mountain tops) the less filtering there is of the sun's harmful UV rays
  • The sun's reflection on snow is more intense than off the street.
  • You will achieve clearer vision when the wind is whipping against your more tearing and blurring of your eyesight
  • They become a SAFETY barrier against Ice particles and twigs/branches when you're tearing through the trees

Technology today offers a wide variety of lens colors and types as well as fit and styles.  There is a pair out there that is just right for you.

  • Look for goggles that are vented and have double lenses to help with fogging. Most mid/high-end goggles now come with anti-fogging coatings.  Some high-end models even offer styles with a battery operated fan! TIP: DO NOT PUT YOUR GOGGLES ON TOP OF YOUR BARE HEAD.  Heat rises, is released through our head, and the moisture is trapped between your head and the goggles – causing fogging!
  • Colors of lenses.  Standard colors are yellow, gold, amber, brown, green, grey, rose, copper and clear. They each are suited for specific conditions. Then you have the Poloraized colors of brown, grey and copper…then the mirrored and photochromic…phew…that’s a lot to choose from.  TIP: Choose a warm-colored pair (yellow, orange, amber).  It blocks out the “blue light” allowing for clearer vision - the better to see you dear…moguls and bumps!
  • Fit – flat or curved.  It is said that curved goggle allow you better peripheral vision.  But check it out and see for yourself.  The decision is personal. TIP: Don’t forget to bring your helmet with you when you’re out shopping for the goggles,  You ALWAYS want to make sure that the ones you choose is compatible with YOUR helmet.

All in all, there are lots to choose from…just make sure you DO choose some.  We want you to be happy, healthy and safe. Visit us in one of our stores or online at:

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