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Master the Proper Sunglasses for Golf!

Officially spring has already arrived, but judging by the snow and cold temperatures in the Northeast you wouldn’t know it.

But starting this Thursday (weather permitting) that changes when the 80th Masters kicks off. The historic tournament, set against the beautiful backdrop of Augusta National Golf Club serves as a reminder that spring is really upon us.

Soon it will be followed by the U.S. Open in June, The Open Championship in mid-July and the PGA Championship in late-July. But first, it’s the Masters.

Last year, it was the 21-year-old Jordan Spieth who put on the storied green jacket, winning in easy fashion as he became the first start-to-finish winner since Raymond Floyd in 1976.

With just 89 participants, the field is the smallest of all four majors, making it more competitive – meaning anyone can win. The Golf Channel’s predictions list ten possibilities that not only include Spieth, but the Oakley-sporting Adam Scott and Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, the grizzled veteran Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose.

Whoever wins, we hope that the Masters brings the drama like it did in Nick Faldo’s thrilling 1996 victory (and Greg Norman’s tragic collapse); Tiger Woods’ 2005 playoff win over Chris DiMarco that never would have happened without what is widely considered the greatest golf shot ever (see video below); and Phil Mickelson earning his third green jacket in 2010.

Yes, we love the drama. But we also love the fact that the Masters serves to inspire. We see it on our TV screens: the lush greens of Augusta are a sign that warmer temperatures are coming. Yes, it’s spring. And soon it will be summer.

The message is clear – it’s time to dust off the old golf clubs, get outside and perfect your chip shot, improve your putting game and work on your drive.

As you take steps to polish your game, we hope you remember the importance of sunglasses (our line of golfing sunglasses can be found here).

Before you start shopping all of our golfing customers – from the scratch golfers to those just picking up the game – should understand how sunglasses can better help you judge the greens so you can best enjoy your days on the links.

A quick cheat sheet: dark amber, copper, brown, green and gray-colored lens are ideal for golfers, enhancing your visual acuity. Those colored lens minimize the sun’s impacts on your eyes while improving the sharpness of the objects around you, namely the ball you are hitting and the hole you are hitting it towards. Click here for even more details about each of the different tints available and how they can improve your vision.



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