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Spending Mother's Day on the Golf Course?

Golf – it’s not just a men’s game anymore.

That may have become apparent to the masses in 2003, the year that Michelle Wie became the youngest person in USGA history to win an adult championship when she took home top honors at the Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship. At the time, Wie was only 13.

By then, she had nine years of golf under her belt.

In that, Wie is not alone. More and more women of all ages can be found on the golf course. Whether they’re straightening their drive or working on their short game, women have shown they belong on Augusta, or any other private or public course in the world.

To those who truly know the sport, females have been as commonplace on the golf course as the sand trap, the divot and the 19th hole for ages. Did you know that in Scotland, Mary, the Queen of Scots was playing golf as far back as the 1500’s? Don’t believe us? Here’s the NPR story on the famed Mother of Golf.

Back then, we’re guessing that the golf was a little more rudimentary than it is today.

Women did not have access to the latest in technology and equipment like they do now. Perhaps one of the most important part of a golfer’s game are sunglasses because they protect that which lets them find the hole: their eyes.

The craftsmanship of golf sunglasses can help you improve your game. This is not just a sales pitch. This is science – lenses are cut to eliminate distortion on the bottom half of the lens which happens to be the part you look through to see the ball.

When shopping for the right sunglasses, golfers should know that some brands come with more than one lens color. Why is this important? Because tints help the eyes adjust to different sky conditions.

For the serious golfer, we recommend dark amber, copper, brown, green and gray lens. Here’s a quick cheat sheet on the benefits of these colors:

Copper and Related Tints

These types of lenses heighten contrast and visual acuity. In layman’s terms this means they are ideal for the golf enthusiast because it improves the contrast on grass and blue skies, making it easy to follow the ball in the air and on the fairways.

Green and Gray

Considered neutral, the green and gray lenses cut the sun’s rays without substantially impacting true colors. On brighter days, it’s best to buy dark gray lenses. On partly cloudy days, go for the medium gray lenses.

Rose and Red

These colors can improve your putting game. No really! This is because they heighten contrast, helping you to better see the contours of the putting green and enabling you to read breaks better. Remember, that you should look to the other tints for tee boxes and fairways.

So what sunglasses are ideal for golfers? Here’s our short list, in no particular order:

And here’s one more to consider: the Maui HT (High Transmission) which is touted as the best choice for the serious golfer. They are designed for low-light conditions – think early-morning or late-afternoon rounds – and will sharpen your vision on the most demanding course. And if you like driving – both on the course, and in your car – the Maui HT is perfectly suited for even the harshest of conditions.

Find more sunglasses designed for the specific circumstances found on the golf course on our Golfers Collection

Whatever brand you choose, you’ll be on your way to a hole in one. Or maybe an eagle. Okay, even a birdie will do. Who knows, you may even become the next Michelle Wie!


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