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What's Coolest Way To Get Around Town?

What’s the coolest way to get around town?

  1. Walking
  2. Bicycling
  3. Skateboarding

There’s nothing wrong with A and B, but if you answered C, then keep on reading.

Skateboarding has been cool since 1955 when Marty McFly invented the sport (not really, but it’s one of the great skateboarding scenes in film): 

Besides using skateboards to outrun bullies like Biff Tannen, they can be used for everything from transportation to entertainment to physical exercise. And it’s an activity for those of all ages, skill levels and professions. Don’t believe us? In Falmouth, where one of our two Board Stiff stores are located, a 46-year-old physician (Dr. Keith Bleiler) is leading the charge to bring a Venice Beach-style concrete skate park to the Cape Cod community.

So where should you start? First, check out our blog post from last spring that details the basics – skateboard types, skateboard length, skateboard maintenance, footwear and local skate parks – for beginner, intermediate and expert skaters.

To add to our tips here is another simple rule: safety is of utmost importance. According to this recent article, in 2012 over 80,000 children under the age of 19 visited a U.S. emergency room to treat a skateboarding injury. If you’re injured, you won’t be able to skate so protect yourself; wear a helmet, pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard.

Here’s another: be adventurous. This may seem contrary to the first, but skateboarding is all about experimenting. And it can be artistically beautiful as Spaniard Kilian Martin showed us in his latest inspirational short film Searching Sirocco.

Of course, to reach that level all starts with the equipment. Whether you’re looking to build from scratch or looking to add to your current gear, we have everything you need for you to find your own Sirocco.*  And while you go on your own journey, make sure to document it. Check out our line of GoPro cameras and accessories that you can use to capture your sweet kickflip, perfect railside or killer pogo.

Finally, remember that skateboarding is a process of trial and error.  Keep experimenting. And if you fall, get back up. If you fail, keep trying.

As Martin said in an interview to CNN, “Sometimes I’ll be trying tricks hundreds of times and I’ll be completely exhausted and not really wanting to do it anymore, but I push myself.”

*Earlier this week, Martin told Rolling Stone that Searching Sirocco meant an awakening and he wanted his short video, “to serve as an awakening of sorts, to inspire the viewers.”
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