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Happy Father's Day!

If your dad is a cool dad, a hip dad or a rad dad, then why not give him a little adventure this Father’s Day?

At X-Wear, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of excitement, whether it’s grinding a rail on your skateboard, cruising the beach on your sweet fat tire or catching the perfect sunset on your Stand Up Paddleboard (check out our list of best SUP spots on Cape Cod).

And this Sunday, we encourage you to not only celebrate YOUR dad, but provide him with some thrills that will last a lifetime, for you and for him. Just like this one:

Speaking of which, we have an assortment of GoPro cameras and gear so you can capture your own fun-filled memories with dad.

And if you really want to make dad look good this weekend, take a moment to look at our line of sunglasses. We’re offering a 20% discount on all brands through Father’s Day. Just use the code: DAD2015 when checking out.

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