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Let's Celebrate National Sunglasses Day!


Did you know that this past Monday was Chocolate Eclair Day (#yummy) and this Tuesday is Social Media Day (#awesome)?

Whatever your hobby or interest is, there’s probably a day of the year to celebrate it. Our favorite takes place this Saturday, June 27: National Sunglasses Day.

Obviously, there’s a good reason we’re partial to it which is why we at X-Wear will be wearing our sunglasses with pride this weekend. And we hope you do too.

Today, sunglasses are more than simply a fashion statement. They are a necessity. As WebMD points out, the sun’s UV rays can damage the eyes and prolonged exposure to these rays can increase one’s chances of getting cataracts.

As we jump head first into the summer season and spend more of our time outdoors, we encourage you to protect your eyes. We have sunglasses for those who will be out on the water; sunglasses for those who will be hitting the links; and sunglasses for the more adventurous (kayaking, rock climbing, cycling and skateboarding).

If you just want sunglasses that match your outfit, we have those too. Check out our entire line of sunglasses here and if anything catches your eye, we’re offering a 20% discount on all brands through Saturday in honor of our favorite (and hopefully your favorite) holiday: National Sunglasses Day!  

*** Please use NSD2015 at checkout to receive your discount

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