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GoPro to Capture All Your Summer Fun

In today’s society, it seems like we’re on a never-ending quest to document every moment of our lives.

It was that concept that led entrepreneur Nick Woodman to develop the GoPro. An avid surfer, his initial goal was to tether a camera to his wrist so he could take photos of himself and friends while riding waves in Australia and Indonesia during the early 2000s.

That trip inspired him to create what is currently one of the coolest, high-tech video cameras on the market today. The GoPro is able to go places where the average camera, cell phone and tablet can not, like in this amazing aerial footage from last year’s fireworks display in West Palm Beach:

The GoPro provides the most unique perspectives of our world, like in this skateboarding footage shot on the streets of LA:

And sometimes the GoPro reminds us that we should just run wild and jump headfirst at all life has to offer, just like this adorable Labrador retriever:

It’s that mentality we hope you embrace over the long weekend as you spend time with family and friends, including your four-legged ones. Together, over the next few days, you’ll enjoy backyard barbecues, soak in rays at the beach (or pool) and take in a display or two of fireworks bursting in air as we celebrate America’s independence. Undoubtedly, you’ll make memories that you’ll want to capture and share with others.

And you can, thanks to the affordability of the GoPro that won’t break the bank despite its breathtaking images. Just check out our line-up of cameras here

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the footage you shoot to document your life’s adventures.

And if you’re active, you’ll want to check out our various mounts for those who bicycle, those who play soccer or basketball, those who surf and those who simply love the outdoors.

Of course, our favorite mount is for man’s best friend (Fido, Rufus or Max). Known as the fetch, it’ll go anywhere your dog does, even in and under the water. It’s another way to look at life, through the fascinating world of your own dog.

We also carry a number of accessories - cables, extra batteries, chargers, anti-foggers and more – to suit all your GoPro needs.

So what are you waiting for? Live the life you imagined, and capture it for all the world to see. Who knows, we may just feature your video on our website soon!

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