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4 Easy Ways To Protect from UVRays

UV Protection from

We all know that when you’re planning to be out in the scorching sun all day you’ve got to lather on the sunscreen to avoid skin damage. But there are quite a few other sun safety rules and important SPF tips that are crucial to make sure you’re being as gentle on that skin as it deserves. To give you a leg up we’ve compiled a few products with some additional benefits and some clues about which circumstances to break them out in.

Solar Recover Hydrate Cream- Regardless of how good (or not so good) you’ve been to your skin after a full day out in the sun, chances are you’ll have lost a lot of the natural moisture your skin relies on to keep it taut and radiant. Solar Recover has 12 ounces of moisturizer jammed into a 2 ounce jar, leaving out any unnecessary fillers and waxes, distilling just the crucial vitamins that’ll have you feeling baby soft immediately. Pack this little jar in your beach bag and lather it on after your beach day. This is also a great option on areas that get a lot of sun unexpectedly (back of neck, chest, left arm during long drives). Even after exposure with no SPF, it’s never too late to try to reverse any new damage that may have occurred.

Sun Bum Conditioner- After a long climbing, surfing, biking, or golfing day, chances are your hair has taken quite the beating from the sun that was shining down. Although our hair does a lot to protect the sensitive skin on our scalps, it can get damaged itself through repeated exposure to sun. This Sun Bum conditioner restores the moisture and vitamins to our hair after time in the sun, providing UV protection for future exposure. As both a before and after sun treatment, this thick conditioner is a great product to take on your next surf trip.

Zinka Nosecoat- Nosecoat is one of our favorite products out there for extreme coverage for high-risk areas. Planning to be in the pool or among the waves all day? Leave nothing to chance and throw on this total coverage product. Absolute protection doesn’t have to be boring either! Zinka makes this super thick Nosecoat Zinc Oxide in every vibrant color under the rainbow. Meant to be super visible on the skin, you can use the neon tint to tell you exactly which area of your tender face and back you’ve already protected and which still need some attention. This is also a great option for those with tattoos that they need to give extra lovin’ to when in direct sun. Don’t let your new ink keep you from spending a full day in the water. Tote this (less than one ounce) bottle with you, and you’ll be good to go.

Sunglasses- You not only have to make sure to protect your skin, but you must also protect your eyes.  Some may think that sunglasses just help to make you look good… but they are a must to make sure your eyes are safe from those harmful UV Rays.

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