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Blue Hawaii is HERE..........

Blue Hawaii – it sounds like an Elvis Presley song. Or an adult beverage you’d drink on a tropical island. Or a sequel to David Lynch’s creepy thriller “Blue Velvet.”

In fact, it’s none of these.

Blue Hawaii is actually the latest brand of sunglasses that Maui Jim unveiled in September at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.

And we happen to be the only store in the Northeast currently selling these sunglasses and one of the few in the country doing so. They come in the following four designs, all utilizing the popular aviator blueprint: Baby Beach, Cliff House, Mavericks and Wiki Wiki. UPDATE: Please click the link below for a now greatly expanded list of sunglass models that come in this ever-popular Lens Colors

What makes the sunglasses so unique are their combination of style and function. They feature an attractive blue, flash-mirror coating over a grey base, creating one of the most protective lenses on the market. They eliminate harmful stray light from the sun and offer 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

The Blue Hawaii technology ensures that only 19% of light is transmitted to the eye. Essentially, that means these sunglasses will be doing what they should be doing – keeping your eyes safe from short-term and long-term health impacts caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

This is particularly important for those who spend long days outside in the sun. The sunglasses are highly recommended for people who work and play on or by the water. The titanium frame is perfectly suited to withstand the elements and the normal wear and tear of your active lifestyle.

To learn more about the Blue Hawaii, click this link

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