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Happy New Year...Time to Spice Things Up!

 X-wear 2016 Resolutions


A new year means new resolutions. They typically look something like this:

  • Lose weight
  • Save more money
  • Watch less TV

While these are all admirable goals, at X-Wear we think it’s a lot more fun to spice things up in 2016. Be more adventurous. And take life to the X-treme.

Of course a goal without a plan is simply a wish. So here’s our plan to turn that goal into action this year:

Travel - No matter where you live, take a moment to step outside of your comfort zone. Spend a long weekend in a city you’ve never been before. Go on a drive without using a map or a cell phone. Visit a country where you don’t speak the language.

If you need inspiration, a few months ago we tapped a few of our employees (aka world travelers) on places they love to visit. They listed locations as diverse as Greece, Montenegro and Singapore. Click here to learn why they chose these and other destinations as their favorites.

Try Something New – Whether you want to jump out of an airplane, swim with sharks or climb Mount Everest, test the limits of what you can do.

Even if you think it’s impossible, it’s probably not, something mountaineer Andrew Hamilton taught us here at X-Wear last year when he hiked all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains in under 10 days.

Your new adventure doesn’t have to be so lofty. You can try to stand up on a surfboard. Or get on a SUP. Or pick up golfing. Here’s the point: get outside and enjoy life. Get off your cell phones. Stop checking Facebook. Clash of Clans will be there when you get back.

And when you decide to surf, SUP or golf, make sure you check out our online store where we have the latest gear for surfing and SUP and the top sunglasses for golf.  

Capture Your Memories – Wherever your adventures take you this year, we want them to be memorable. And if they are, we want you to be able to look back at those memories with fondness and to be able to share them with friends and loved ones.

Perhaps no device out there allows you to do capture those memories in such vivid detail as the GoPro.  Just remember to not point the camera at yourself.

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