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May the Socks Be With You

Stance Socks and Underwear on X-Wear

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when socks were the gift equivalent of having a tooth pulled.

But over the past decade that’s changed. Somewhere along the line socks became cool. Fun. Hip. They became a way for people to make a statement, putting their best foot forward in today’s society.

Striped socks? Meh.

How about socks with tacos on them. Or socks shaped like a great white shark, about to chomp on your calf. Or socks with a superhero insignia, complete with its own cape.

For every pattern or picture, there is most likely a corresponding sock. You dream it, someone will make it.

One of the companies at the forefront of the sock revolution is Stance. Basketball fans probably know them for their NBA Legends line, featuring Julius Irving and his patented afro, Larry Bird spotting up for a jumper and rocking the rim with one of his signature dunks.

Since 2009, the brand has quickly become a household name. As the LA Times recently reported, Rihanna has designed her own line for Stance which counts Jay Z and Will Smith as two of its more notable investors.

Recognizing the ever-changing landscape when it comes to fashion, we recently began to sell the Stance line, which also includes underwear, at X-Wear. We encourage you to browse some of the products to see how creative the company is with their designs.

Not surprisingly, the most popular ones happen to be aligned with a certain film currently out in theaters that is breaking all kinds of box office records (ahem, “The Force Awakens”). They make for the ideal gift (i.e. cool) for the jedi, or jedi-in-training, in your life. And luckily, you don’t have to travel to Tatooine to get them.

All you have to do is visit our online shop to find your favorite or simply keep reading. For adult men, we have:

  • Bounty Hunters – With Han Solo on one foot, Boba Fett on the other, your feet will be well protected by the best smuggler and bounty hunter in the galaxy.
  • The Force – How will you use the force? For good? Or for evil? With the yin and yang of Luke Skywalker on one sock and Darth Vader on the other, the pull of both will be difficult to resist. Perhaps, your feet (and the force) will find a true balance in these socks.
  • Yoda – Like these socks, your feet will.
  • The Hutt and The Princess – Will Princess Leia ever escape the evil clutches of Jabba the Hutt? Only your feet will know.

For kids, we have a similar assortment of jedi-approved sock merchandise, starting with a pair featuring Luke and Darth. There may be no greater robot duo in cinematic history than C-3P0 and R2-D2, making them ideal as matching socks. And if you want your kid’s feet to have the backing of the Galactic Empire, then consider these cool pair of Stormtrooper socks (blaster sold separately)...Oops, sorry, not a pair...a THREE-pack, just in case the sock-monster attacks!

May the force be with you (and your feet), always.

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