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2016 Sunglass Fashion Trends

What’s hot? What’s not? What’s in? What’s out?

Every year, new trends emerge in the fashion industry that helps answer these questions for consumers. Typically, Fashion Week events in Milan, London, Paris and New York are good indicators as to what styles will be front and center in the coming year.

And so it was last spring, when retro and Bohemian looks – turtlenecks, fur-hooded winter coats and 70s-style prints – were forecast for this winter.

As far as eyewear, Fashioners reports uses such adjectives as “fun” and “chic” when detailing the designs that will be popular over the next few months.

For women, that means cat-eye is cool again. Or most likely, they’ve always been cool, but are simply reemerging on the fashion stage. You can always browse our sunglass collection here, but a few that strike our fancy, and which may strike yours are:

  • Michael Kors 2006 – Make a bold statement with these, perfect for a night on the town with your friends.
  • Prada PR 08SS – A little less bold than the Michael Kors pair, but a little more elegant, these Pradas are the perfect accessory for work or for play.
  • Dolce and Gabbana 4162OP – If you’re looking for something in between the Michael Kors and the Prada, these are for you, striking a balance between fun and elegance.

This winter, cat-eye is not the only style that is in vogue. Bigger is better, especially when it comes to women’s eyewear. These pair fall perfectly into this category:

  • Prada 27NS – Big, round and lots of curves will bring a little cheer to your winter months.
  • Marc Jacobs MMJ – There’s definitely a 70s feel to this stylish, but affordable pair by Marc Jacobs.
  • Lilly Pulitzer Ramsay – There is nothing flashy about these sunglasses. They are simple, refined and sophisticated; everything you want in your eyewear.

Finally, what’s old is new again. That’s right – retro is hip. Our favorite may be these polygon-shaped Miu Mius followed closely by these highly modish Ray-Bans which feature an oversized frame.

So as you shop for a new pair of sunglasses this month, consider cat-eye, oversized and retro. They are hip, chic, stylish and will be the perfect accessory to your winter wardrobe. And if you’re shopping for your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, consider this a cheat sheet on what she might like for her Birthday, Mother's Day or "Just Because I Love You Day" (hint, hint!).

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