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Just Who is Kilian Martin

Kilian Martin Street Freestyle Skateboarding Artist

When it comes to skateboarding, there may be no one more skilled than Kilian Martin. A street freestyler, Martin is known for his ability to land nearly any move combined with his purposefully beautiful sense of movement.

Though he began skating in competitions, he has moved over to the purest form of the sport that Rodney Mullen helped propel in the 1980s. Martin’s switch has revolutionized street freestyle thanks to an artistry and talent that is beyond compare.

Martin’s work – often witnessed in compelling three-to-five minute videos – has not only caught the attention of those on the Internet, but mainstream media outlets like CNN and Rolling Stone.

X-Wear recently had a chance to catch up with Kilian Martin to talk about his craft and love of all things skating.

X-Wear: You started skateboarding seriously when you were 16. Twelve years later how has your passion for skating evolved? 

Kilian Martin: I think my skating has evolved to the point that I am very set in the idea of mixing street and freestyle. This allows me to focus on keeping the creativity going and in developing tricks that I feel like are already in my mind.

XW: You’re obviously amazingly talented, but there’s a real beauty to your short videos – India Within, Altered Route and Searching Sirocco as examples – which blend the athleticism of skateboarding with art. You’re not just executing a trick for the sake of executing a trick. There’s a real poetry to what you’re doing that connects to the environment you’re in. Why is it important for you to bring this level of artistic sensibility to your work? 

KM: Because I feel that’s who I am. By giving skating an artistic touch, I feel I am being myself. That’s the reason why skateboarding is very personal to me. The environment obviously helps you expand the creativity. It's something I need to keep the new tricks going.

XW: Are you working on any big projects now? Anything you can tell us about it? 

KM: Well, I have a new video coming out March 9th. It's filmed at Berrics skatepark [in Los Angeles]. Along with that, there will be a documentary as part of the video.

XW: What advice would you give to kids who are just picking up the sport?

KM: To focus on having fun. To set realistic goals that they can achieve. To not let others tell them the way they should skate, but decide on their own what they want to do and how they want to express themselves. That's how they will enjoy skateboarding to the fullest.

To learn more about Kilian Martin visit his website and LIKE him on Facebook. And to start your skateboarding adventure – and have fun while doing it – make sure to check out our online selection of skateboard gear which includes boards, trucks, helmets, wheels and more.


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