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We Were All New Once

Everyone knows how it feels to be the new guy. Whether you’re clutching brand new gear, or hand me downs, you’ve been there. Standing there surrounded by people who just get it. They can surf, skate, complete a WOD, or  run a 5K like it was nothing. They’re experts...But how did they get that way? Simple. They didn’t give up, they got  educated, and then they did it. Much like Nike, ‘Just do it’ goes a long way. However, you’ve got to be sure you’re  doing it right. Safety is the top priority, and nobody wants to see the new person get hurt their first day! 


What the heck is a box jump? If you're new to CrossFit, ask someone how to do these right--or you'll wreck your shins!    
     Ask for help if you need it. Chances are, people are going to be open to helping you. Obviously, politeness reigns  here. Don’t interrupt someone in the middle of a set, or as they’re paddling out. Wait for a lull in conversation, then  ask your question. Even if it’s something as simple as, “How do I make sure my form is better on this run?” or “What  can I do to reduce callus tears?” there is no such thing as a stupid question. Not asking for help when you need it  can get you hurt, so speak up! If you find that people aren’t friendly, try looking for somewhere else to go. Activity  should bring with it a sense of community. That isn’t to say everyone has to be nice, but if you’re new--hopefully  people will try to make you feel welcome, instead of like a number. Finding an online community to talk fitness with can also help you meet people within your area.


                                                Heel strikes are bad news, trust us.   
 If you’re the person that’s being looked up to--remember to  set an example. Don’t try to cut corners by sacrificing safety. Maxing reps  by  lifting in an unsafe way, paddling out in a riptide to look  cooler, or using a heel strike to get that last .15 seconds  shaved off  your finish time...Not good. You never know who  might be watching. While you got to where you were through  your hard work  and dedication, be sure that you try to be the kind of athlete you’d want to look up to.

     Wear the right gear, be safe, and be helpful. If you’re new--  speak up when you need help, don’t take unnecessary risks  just  to try to impress the experts, and learn all you can. These  tips will make sure all athletes have a great sporting  experience,  regardless of skill level! Don't forget, we've got all the gear you need to do what you love, right here.



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