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5 Tips for a Perfect Skateboard Purchase

So. You saved all Summer, or you’ve got the cash handy. It’s time. That beautiful skateboard you’ve been looking for is within your grasp. Hold up a second, though. Want to make sure you’re getting the best board for your needs? Yeah, we thought so. What skateboard you buy depends a lot on what you plan to do with it, and more than a few other factors. Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up. Read on for the 411.
1. Be sure you get the right size deck for your needs. (Can’t figure it out? Maybe this will help.)


                                                               Decks as far as the eye can see at Board Stiff Falmouth



2. Remember what you want to do on your skateboard. Are you looking to pull off some sick tricks? A board with low trucks and smaller wheels will get you tearing up the halfpipe. Generally, wheels vary in size based on diameter. What type of wheels and trucks you need varies greatly depending on your board? Want to carve out some turns? Longboards have you covered. With high trucks and huge wheels, these boards are built for covering distance and easy turning. Looking to use your board for transportation? A cruiser deck will be your mainstay, and mid-size trucks will get you where you’re going without picking gravel out of your chin.



              Wheels, trucks, and bearings for every board are up at Board Stiff Provincetown! They've got sweet longboards, too!


3. Don’t like what’s in the store? Make it yourself. Boards can be made out of anything from fiberglass to bamboo. Keep in mind, a well crafted board that’s sold by a pro will be your best bet to get something that’s suited to you. If you’re technical and want to get your hands dirty--and know a lot about boards already--go ahead and try your hand at building a board. There’s a lot of great guides to choose from.

4. Get the accessories. The right shoes, grip tape, riser pads...because you’re going to need them. While you can skate in sneakers--there’s a reason for skate shoes. If you can afford them, they really do help your skateboarding! The standard skate shoe is flat and grippy to help you feel your board better. Important? Yeah. We thought so, too. As for grip tape, it comes in some standard sizes, so the brand is up to you. Whatever you prefer! Grip tape makes sure you can actually stay put on your board, so snatch some up. Riser pads will help you out if you plan on riding vert pipes or in pools. Wheel bite is no-one’s friend.

5. Safety first. (And second, third, and fourth.) Get a well fitted helmet, safety pads, and be sure to always obey the rules of the road. Skate culture is about being unique, not a pain in the...well, you get the idea. Don’t be rude to other commuters or skaters, and always obey the flow of traffic. Pay attention to what’s around you, always! You don’t want to end up on the hood of someone’s parked (or worse, moving.) car. Stay safe, skate every day, and above all--have fun.

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