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Sugar and Spice and Everything Awesome

It’s no secret that women are shaking up the competitive snowboarding, surfing, and elite fitness communities. Crossfit, powerlifting, cycling...Whatever you’re doing, there’s definitely an awesome woman out there crushing it with the guys. Gender stereotypes in sports are becoming a thing of the past, and there’s no reason why any woman interested in a professional sports career should ever settle for being told she’s not good enough. (Or even those who just play for fun!) There are many organizations that are open to individuals from all walks of life, including OutRyders, Ski Bums, and more. Regardless of your gender identity or expression, everyone should feel comfortable on the slope, pavement, or turf.

There are many notable female figures in skateboarding, surfing, and crossfit today. The Girls Skate Network is a news hub for female skateboarders to read up on the noteworthy and awesome chicks out shredding pavement on a daily basis. Evelien Bouilliart is a skater hailing from Europe, whose sick tricks on the rails will leave anyone slack-jawed. Evelien is sponsored by Von-Zipper, Hoopla Skateboards, Bones, Rockstar Bearings, and more. She’s headed in a technical direction since getting picked up by Hoopla, but her style and skill speaks volumes. Alana Smith hails from Phoenix, AZ and is shaking up the skating world landing awesome tricks like the McTwist at the X-Games while being only 12 years old. How many 12 year old's do you know that are that awesome? Not many! She’s certainly making the skating world aware of her presence! These are just two of the awesome chicks in the skateboarding universe, and with a little digging you can find many, many more. From local skate parks to those with sponsorship, girls in skateboarding are here to stake their claim.
         Alana Smith is awesome!
Crossfit is the sport of fitness itself, taking elite to the next level. These weightlifting, running, jumping, gymnastic powerhouses will give anyone a run for their money. Crossfit is the execution of a set amount of reps or distance for time. Focusing on olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, running, and general flexibility and movement--Crossfit has set itself apart by pushing the limits. Often, women will lift 50+ reps weighing over 150 lbs, in under 15 minutes. The goal of Crossfit is completing a WOD (Workout of the Day) in as little time as possible. Stacie Tovar, Rebecca Vogit, and Kara Webb are just a few of the names that turned heads at the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games this year.

                                  If you don't think Crossfit is hardcore, you've never tried it.

No matter what your sport of choice is, women are here to stay. All that matters is how well you play the game. If you’re a good sport, help others, and do your best, that’s the most important thing. We’d be remiss if we didn't point out that it’s not all about winning. Win for yourself. The only competitor that matters is you at the end of the day, and how well you did compared to the last time on the pavement, beating the clock, or barreling through the channel. Creating an environment that is accessible to everyone, separate from gender identity, expression, or lifestyle is one of the most important issues facing sports today. How does your local fitness community treat equal rights on the playing field? Got an awesome sporting chick you want us to know about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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