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And Now For Something Completely Different

Love Know

With the Olympics around the corner and the end of the winter sports season in full swing, extreme sports enthusiasts have plenty on their plates these days! There is, however, another event coming up that’s going to be taking some of people’s attention. Valentine’s Day!

Each year consumers spend around 23 million dollars showing their affections on this day. Of course, you can always go the traditional route and get your lover some chocolate or roses. Maybe, however, you want to keep things a bit truer to your beloved’s adventurous nature and give them something a bit more unique. We’ve outlined a few of our best V-day gifts to give so that you can excite your loved one in a unique way.

GoPro on

If your significant other loves being outdoors and conquering incredible athletic feats, a GoPro is absolutely something they should have. If you haven’t already added a GoPro to your life, be prepared. It will completely revolutionize the way that you capture and experience your adventures. With Spring around the corner you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get inside and strap this Gopro on and go! Pro Tip- if you’re planning on giving a GoPro to someone, try to set it up before you give it to them. Have it set to record and you’ll be able to capture your beloved’s expression when they realize what they’ve gotten!

Ruck Sack on

Smith Ruck Sack
If you and your significant other love going places together (which hopefully you do), the Smith Ruck Sack makes the ultimate gift. This lightweight, high powered sack is the perfect tool for anyone with some get up and go. If you’ve been outdoorsy for quite a while chances are you’ve given your current backpack plenty of wear. This durable exterior and sports-minded design will last the test of time, regardless of what you use it for. Pro Tip- when you give someone this bag, add to the gift by putting a little extra surprise inside of it. Maybe these can include lift tickets to the next mountain you’ll conquer together, or a towel and sandals to lounge on the next beach you’ll discover together.

speaqua on

Speaqua Barnacle
If you’ve been together long enough, chances are you and your loved one have a couple of special songs. If you both happen to be quite the outdoorsy couple, you’ll want to be able to bring your music on the road with you. The Speaqua Barnacle is the most adventurous Bluetooth speaker on the market. Wherever your V-Day leads you, this small but mighty speaker can keep up. Pro Tip- if you’re taking off somewhere exotic with your beloved for the holiday, hook the speaker up to your phone along with a playlist of all of your favorite songs together. Turn it on at a special moment when you’re together and present her with the gift then. It’ll mean even more if it’s given against the backdrop of your favorite songs.

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