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Capture Your Moments With GoPro

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It’s pretty easy to tell that the GoPro completely revolutionized photography, especially sport photography. Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, GoPro Inc. handles action cameras, video editing software and apps for editing GoPro footage. Anyone who’s ever played with a GoPro knows that they’re completely cutting edge for the way that they allow you to take the camera into the thick of the action with you. Whether it’s while you jump out of a plane or glide atop a wave, a GoPro gives a realistic feeling of what the moment was like.

The Hero cameras are definitely the bread and butter behind GoPro. Debuting originally in 2004 at the San Diego Action Sport Retailer trade show, GoPro wasn’t nearly the behemoth it is now. In its first few years the cameras could only support several seconds of digital video and were not of the same technological advancement that they are now. The Hero series continued to advance and, between 2006 and 2007, sales quadrupled to 3.4 million!

The Hero5 is of particular interest to those in the extreme sports world. This version allows for long, high quality digital video and editing. By combining various add ons, lenses, and accessories, there’s really no place you can’t take a GoPro and no moment you can’t capture. And, with summer on the way, people are snatching these guys off the shelf by the dozen to capture all of the outdoor fun that summer is sure to bring.

Some especially exciting accessories are the surfboard mount and the head strap mount. Obviously we love a good surf accessory and the Hero surfboard mount is perfect. It adds very little weight to the front of the board and captures with excellent clarity the feeling of riding the waves. The head strap is a go to favorite because of the versatility. For literally any moment of action and adventure you can take the head strap and the lightweight Hero with you. If you tend to be the adventurous one in your group of friends, this will help you show the story of what you’ve just done or seen, instead of just telling it.

Do you love futuristic technology? GoPro Inc. is still cutting edge in all that it does, especially with the release of its Karma series. These are drones with the same Hero type photography and video technology. With the Karma, you can take the quality you trust into the air with you and score a drone that can soar higher and record better than all the rest.

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