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What's Your Sport? We've Got The Best Sunglasses For It!

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When you’re out on the green, setting up for the perfect shot, there’s nothing worse than having the sun in your eyes. Not only can it seriously mess up your round, but it can terribly affect the health of your eyes long term. It’s important to have a lens that will keep you protected and playing at your best. This page on has a ton of great options! Golf glasses should be smudge proof and lightweight to stay clean and out of the way while you jaunt around on the green.


For those that love to play ball, you know it’s crucial to have high performance sunglasses that won’t impact your play. Given the nature of baseball, this sunglass needs to be comfortable for long periods of wear as well as able to stay in place when your movements are jerky and fast. This Native Lynx pair are made for the job! They’re semi rimless, letting them sit flush with your cheek and offer full coverage. The reflective lens offers both protection as well as privacy. Sometimes, in baseball the movement of your eyes can be enough to telegraph your next move. Keep your next pitch or swing to yourself with these well crafted lenses.


If you’re spending a long day out on the water you know that there are some qualities your sunglasses MUST possess. Not least among them is polarization. Given that your gaze will be hovering just above the water’s edge for the day, you’ll need a pair that will allow you a more in depth gaze beneath the surface. This Smith Dockside pair are the best accompaniment to a day on deck!


There are only a couple of things necessary for a full day of fishing, Bait, Tackle, a rod, and a well made pair of sunglasses. For a fisherman of fisherwoman, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a huge fish at the end of your line, being in the process of reeling him up to the surface, and not being able to see below the surface to really give your new catch a look. Worse yet, sometimes an inability to view below the water can actually cause you to lose a fish you thought you had. In order to combat potential UV harm as well as gaze into the watery depths, we recommend this Costa Howler pair!


So you love to hit the pavement and throw down some miles? We hear ya! Make sure you’re equipped with a pair of sunglasses this summer that will keep the sun farthest from your thoughts and help make you more aerodynamic in the process! This Oakley pair is the perfect combination of polarized, protective, and sturdy. With a powerful grip on the nosepiece and lenses that automatically adjust to light input to keep you comfortable, they’re a summertime must have.



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