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Human Catapulting - Otherwise Known as Blobbing!

The Sport of Blobbing on

Blobbing is a sport that's as much fun as its name.

In blobbing, you take an enormous inflated pillow to catapult someone high into the air. Although the sport seems, at first, to be simply created for the art of having fun, it has a much more utilitarian origin.

The first blobs were actually military equipment used by the Navy to carry additional fuel behind a boat or ship. Since oil is lighter than water, all a ship had to do was fill a blob with spare gasoline and tow it behind the vessel. Over time, sailors began having fun with the floating pillow by jumping onto it from the ship’s deck. This military pastime quickly became a favorite among Seamen who organized it into a more formal sport.

Quickly thereafter a summer camp in Texas became the perfect setting to really explore the emerging sport. Blobbing quickly transformed into a favorite activity by campers and adults alike.

It grew in popularity until 2011 when the first European championships were held in Austria. Contestants jumped off of an elevated platform onto an awaiting, partially inflated blob. With another player already resting on the edge of the blob, farthest from the platform, the jumper would jump directly onto the blob below. The pressure change inside the vinyl pillow caused by the jumper then catapults the other player high into the air. As they rise into the air, their maximum height is recorded by cameras to determine the elevation attained by the player before they fall into the water below.

Now the world championships are held all through Europe. Though the regulations have gotten slightly stricter with time, the sport remains among the most free and expressive, prioritizing fun over form. Players are now strongly encouraged, if not outright required, to wear helmets and protective gear, whether they are the jumpers or the one being catapulted. This safety equipment guards against any injuries that may be sustained during the jump onto the blob, or during the fall into the water. The impact of hitting either the blob or the water’s surface can be quite dangerous if not executed properly.

Blobbing is an excellent way to have a blast turning yourself and your friends into human catapults. Although the sport has gotten incrementally more structured over time, there’s really no wrong way to play with a blob. It can even be a great way to float on a lake with a group of friends on a summer day.


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diego - April 2, 2021

blopping is an excellent way to have a blast

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