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Kala Brand Music Ukuleles ❤️

First things first, how amazing is Mandy Harvey?! She's America's Got Talent 'Golden Buzzer' winner and a winner in all our hearts. Check our her website:

Mandy was playing her original song "This Time" on a ukulele- travel-ready size instruments that are great to take on the road, and the easily played and enjoyed by anyone from beginners to pro guitarists.

The world's most popular ukulele brand?

Kala Brand Music Co.

Kala has been producing ukuleles since 2005, and has quickly become the go-to brand for everyone's uke needs. Kala offers an option for all; from a beginner student ukulele to their high-end custom shop quality ukuleles with solid rich exotic tone woods. One thing that remains constant in all their instruments: exceptional quality.

"Kala strives to find a balance between innovation and tradition with all our instruments. The player is always in mind and the number one priority as we create new products that enable you to start or master your musical journey."

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Kala Exotic Mahogany Ukulele

The Exotic Mahogany Series has become one of the top selling mid-range ukuleles. It features a beautiful three dimensional grain pattern that varies from wavy and irregular to straight and symmetrical. This is a must have uke for your Kala ukulele collection.

View Exotic Mahogany




Kala Mahogany Soprano Long Neck Ukulele

The Mahogany's gloss finish brings out the simple elegance of true mahogany wood grain. To tie it all in, we trimmed it with beautiful cream binding, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. For a clear, distinct sound with warm undertones, look no further than this series, with special long neck.

View Mahogany Soprano Long Neck



Kala Mahogany Pineapple Ukulele

Ahhh, it's a pineapple! These ukes are made of Mahogany which offers a full, rich sound. The Series comes in a beautiful satin finish and white binding that gives it a traditional look to go along with a great sound. This uke makes for a great student instrument and will stand the test of time.

View Mahogany Pineapple



Kala Makala Shark Soprano Ukulele

The Makala Shark line is well-suited for casual players looking for something colorful and fun to sink their teeth into. The Shark is a terrific deal that also looks and sounds great—the perfect uke for anyone to bite into.

View Makala Shark Series


View more Kala instruments and accessories on! Also, visit Kala Brand Music's website for instructional videos for new players, as well as song tutorials and much more! 𝄞



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