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Keep Calm and Love Your Daddy

No scene is more Norman Rockwell-esque than a father playing catch with his child. There’s an innocence to such an activity that will eventually grow into something larger: dad helping his daughter with her homework; dad teaching his son how to drive; or dad walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

This weekend, we will celebrate those larger and smaller moments when we each take time to honor the man who helped shape us into what we are today.

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, but underneath their exteriors is a heart that cares for us in good times and bad, and all the times in between. To thank them for all they’ve done, we’ve come up with some suggested gifts that will provide them with a little excitement and adventure this summer. After all, isn’t that what we ultimately want – dad to experience the same sort of happiness he’s given us over the years?

Golf Dads

Despite the difficulty of the sport, fathers and golf go together like peanut butter and jelly. Particularly during the summer, dads can often be found on their local course trying (this being the key word) to perfect their game.

At X-Wear, we have from the industry’s top brands (Oakley, Maui Jim and Nike) perfect for dad’s days spent on the greens. Each tint, has its own advantages which you can read more about here.

In short, dark amber, copper, brown, green and gray lens are recommended for golfers as they can cut down the sun’s glare, improve the contrast between the green grass and blue sky, and provide a better read on the ball and the contours of the green.

Beach Dads

On a warm, sunny summer day, there’s an allure to the beach like no other. These are the days that provide dad with a variety of options: he can kick up his feet and relax; grab a fishing pole and try to reel in the big one; or head out on the boat for some summertime adventure.

For these days (and these dads), we encourage you to start with the eyes. The harsh glare of the sun’s rays can have a real, negative impact on his eyes so start here with our line of boating and fishing sunglasses made by leading manufacturers like Maui Jim, Smith and Costa.

Protection is not only necessary for the eyes, but for the skin and hair. Click here for all the sun lotions and sprays dad will ever need over the next few months.

Nothing screams the beach like a pair of sandals (or form-fitting water shoes). So pick up a pair for your dad who’ll be the coolest one at the beach with his new, comfortable kicks. 

Rad Dads

Is your dad a thrill seeker or daredevil? Then X-Wear has what he needs to satisfy his appetite for adventure.

On the water, that starts with our Stand Up Paddleboard, perfect for seeing the ocean from a whole new vantage point. For the more daring dads, we recommend our Inner City Beater Surfboard that will help him catch the best of waves this summer.

If your father prefers doing his risk-taking on land, then our skate gear will make him the raddest dad in town.

Whatever you decide to do for your dad this weekend, you know he rules. And so do we, which is why this “Old Guys Rule” shirt will show him (and the world) what you really think of him. Our dads rule, and this Father’s Day, it’s time we let him know that.

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