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Make Your Own Headline with OneWheel

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Once in a while a technology comes along that completely changes the game. It isn’t often, but you know it when you see it. The OneWheel is exactly that, a completely revolutionary, authentic, technology that is changing the way we view board sports.

The OneWheel is purely Californian, from concept, to engineering, to production. It’s West Coast spirit is evident through and through as it rides like a surfboard with the command of a skateboard. The geniuses behind this Santa Cruz-based start-up are all riders themselves, engineering a board that they themselves are excited to use. It’s a very magical combination when you can find enthusiastic boarders with the creativity and ingenuity to develop something this innovative!

By design, the OneWheel looks like a board about the size of a normal skateboard, with a thick wheel protruding through the middle. While riding, you’re about four inches off the ground, only slightly more than you would be with a traditional skateboard. The thick wheel is specifically designed to provide increased stability and the ability to ride on a variety of terrains. Although you might think this is just for sidewalks or half-pipes, this bad boy can be ridden through low water and even on the sand. With LED lighting around the edge of the board, you’re free and safe to ride at night on the road.

The engineers up in Santa Cruz have simplified the thousands of electric computations that make the experience of riding a OneWheel so familiar and yet so innovative. They’ve recreated the experience of surfing, which has two primary components- floating and carving. These two surf elements have been digitized to provide riders with an experience that feels oddly comfortable.

The OneWheel is making headlines around the country, as an alternate method of transportation for athletes, techies, and anyone with any kind of commute. It’s even been called ‘the best ride on the planet’. 

Check out OneWheel on our site here.

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