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SkateBoarding: More Than Just A Sport In South Africa

Skateboarding in Africa on

Skateboarding is most commonly associated with its Southern California origins. When one imagines the quintessential skateboarder they typically conjure up a picture of a blond guy with shaggy hair, worn out vans, doing tricks on a halfpipe under the shade of palm trees close to the ocean.

Although this typical skater guy can still be found in coastal towns across the country, there’s much more to the art of skating that is giving skateboarding an incredible new image. We’re pretty sure that you’ve never thought of rural South Africa as a hub for the sport. But, as Indigo Skate Camp in the Isithumba region of South Africa continues to change lives, South Africa is sure to be put on the map of international skating hubs.

The boys and girls who are lucky (and dedicated) enough to attend the skate camp are often kids that were once playing in the streets, not in school, and with a much higher likelihood to get involved with illegal or dangerous activities.

Under the supervision and guidance of their teachers,the students are taught important life lessons such as self respect, determination, consistency, and healthy living. Where these young skaters, previously without afternoon guidance, could easily have wound up hanging out with some unsavory characters, they now have more structure, purpose, and community. One young boy even likens the skate group to a family unit.

The young athletes occasionally have the opportunity to travel to Johannesburg, one of the South African capital cities. At Snake Park in Jo-Berg, the skaters have the chance to experience what is possible through skateboarding on a grander scale. They see what sorts of doors are open to them if they continue diligently in their craft. They could eventually rise to South African skate fame or even lead a camp and change lives, like what has been done for them.

Take a peek at the video below that brought this incredible story to light.

How has skating or any sport completely changed your life?

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