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Neff Manufacturer's Watch Warrantry




Do not expose your watch to extreme temperature changes. The combination of extreme heat and water
may cause your watch to lose water resistance. During sudden changes in temperature, condensation may
form under the lens-crystal. Light fogging should dissipate on its own and will not affect the operation of
the watch. If the condensation does not dissipate, contact Warranty & Repairs promptly for evaluation and
testing (see back page).
Your watch may be cleaned in warm water or with the use of a mild detergent. Caution should be taken to
avoid using abrasives that may dull the surface of the watch.
Over time, the plastic lens, case and or strap may accumulate superficial scratches. Plastic surfaces are
NOT scratch proof. Care should be taken to avoid contacting abrasive materials.



Your watch was tested at the factory to withstand water pressure to the extent stated on the case back.
Your watch is fully water-resistant only as long as the lens-crystal remains intact, the case back is properly
tightened. The watch is NOT water-resistant, if the watch is immersed in water and the pushers are
pressed. Do NOT press the pushers when the watch is immersed in water.
Water resistance will diminish over time, as gaskets and o-rings accumulate debris and become brittle. It is
important to clean your watch regularly to prolong water resistance.



We strongly urge you to take your watch to a local watch service center for battery replacement. Normal
battery life is 1—2 years.
Contact your local watch service center for battery replacement. As a precaution, request that they guarantee
their service. It is important to ensure that the case back is tightened properly after battery replacement
to maintain water resistance.



Neff warrants your watch against defects in manufacturing for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
Proof of purchase date is required.
Should your watch fail during the warranty period because of a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired or
replaced (at NEFF’s option) without charge. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear nor
damage caused by unauthorized repair.
In addition, this warranty does NOT cover damage caused by tampering, misuse, abuse, nor alteration, nor
damage from loss of water resistance by immersing the watch in water and pressing the pushers, nor from
a failure to ensure that the case back is tightened properly.
Neff is solely authorized to provide warranty and repair service on Neff watches in North America.



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