RB3386 001/13 63MM


Frame Color RB3386 001/13 63MM RB3386 004/71 63MM RB3386 004/71 67MM RB3386 004/9A 63MM RB3386 004/9A 67MM RB3386 004/13 63MM

Ray-Ban RB3386 Sunglasses


Item Number: 007995
UPC: 805289204275

The Ray-Ban RB3386 Sunglasses are based off of an oversized Aviator, with a sleeker, sporty design. These performance sunglasses feature a full, wraparound frame for a secure and comfortable fit. This Aviator interpretation also showcases a teardrop lens, but with slightly softer edges. These Ray-Ban sunglasses are perfect for individuals with an active lifestyle and will compliment most face shapes.

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