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Smith & Suncloud Sunglasses: Spring Sale

Smith and Suncloud Sunglasses Spring Sale

One brand is consistently rated as the leading sunglasses for athletes. The other stands behind its products to the point they offer a lifetime warranty.

Meet Smith and Suncloud, two distinct brands that have a wow factor, not only because they will turn heads, but because they perform in the types of conditions (bright, harsh sun) that is coming our way with the onset of summer.


And over the next week, we are offering a 20% discount (use the code SSSS20 when checking out) on both, allowing our customers to discover what many have known for years – you can’t go wrong when it comes to Smith and Suncloud. Here’s more on these two brands that are changing the way we view sunglasses.



Recently, Men’s Health Magazine named Smith’s Drake Sunglasses as the Best Sport Shades for 2016. The award simply reaffirms that Smith is an industry leader when it comes to producing eyewear that performs better than it looks (now that’s saying something) thanks to its ChromaPop polarized lenses that provide enhanced color and clarity, all with a scratch resistant surface.

The brand’s sunglasses range from these understated Aviators to an all-new approach to the Wayfarer  to the rugged, but elegant Frontman. The best part? They all come with the ChromaPop technology.

And if you love to ski, then Smith’s line of goggles are ideal for a day on the slopes. Don’t worry, winter will be here soon enough.

Suncloud Optics

A high-quality brand, Suncloud is so confident in its product that it offers a lifetime warranty on its sunglasses, repairing and/or replacing them at no charge to the customer.

That quality extends to the technology behind its polarized lenses which reflect the sun’s harsh glare, resulting in superior clarity and enhancing the comfort of your eyes.

Like Smith, Suncloud offers an always-popular Aviator (click here and here) with clean, sharp lines for those that prefer this classic style. These Causeways take that style a step further with a vintage frame that is as cool as the Snapchat face-swap filter. Yes, it’s that cool.

Suncloud also caters to women with these fashionably refined Cassandras and these more playfully-colored frames of the same style.

So get a jump start on summer with Suncloud. Or Smith. Or both. You’ll be glad you did.

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