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Readers for the Presbyopes of the Millenium

Just because Presbyopia is a common occurrence as we age, doesn't mean that we can't be stylish about how we chose to deal with it!

The optical community has moved from the "Prescription-required Granny Glasses" of old and the "Cheapo, OTC discount store cheaters" into the new millennium with some fabulously stylish choices that offer better vision correction than ever before with products that are both attractive and eco-conscious!

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Eyebobs Readers

Self-proclaimed "Eyewear for the Irreverent and Slightly Jaded", these readers offer superior vision correction encased in frames that are spectacularly fashionable.  
Eyewear with an Attitude
The wonderfully whimsical and somewhat cheeky names (like Tongue-in-Chic and Peckerhead) are a perfect match for the fun and funky styles...wear them with confidence or cockiness...people will "Get it".  Just like a perfect pair of shoes, eyewear can make your outfit! The affordable price makes it easy for you to pick several styles for your "what-ever-you-feel-like-today" different moods!
Customizable Lenses
Eyebobs are made with equal opportunity in mind and not just for our near-sighted friends!  All frames are of optical quality, meaning that the lenses can be replaced with your prescription by a qualified optician.  Progressive lenses, prescription sun, bifocals…nearly any prescription can be put in an eyebobs frame.
From buttoned up conservative to On-the-Edge,Over-the-Top designs, each frame is crafted with exceptional quality and a bit of Eyebob's signature wit and style. Created for the square pegs; the black sheep; the unapologetic-of-who-they-are


EyeO's Readers

A relative newcomer to the reader scene, eyeO's offers a reader that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, hi-tech functional and retro-fashionable for a timeless look.
An Eye Towards Eco-Consciousness
Using Mazzucchelli (the best eyewear acetate around) made from Cotton Fiber, the frames are colored with vegetable and mineral pigments. They are fitted with Hex-O-Tech lenses, which feature advanced optical design and coatings for increased comfort, acuity and convenience in quality reading eyewear.  Hex-O-Tech single vision lenses are aspheric to reduce distortion while Hex-O-Teach dual vision is photochromic for comfort when reading indoors or outdoors.  
Protection from Our Increasingly Electronic World
With electonics-engagement occupying larger part of our lives, this feature is pretty important... All eyeOs lenses provide electromagnetic interference protection from electronics, computer screens and tablets which helps to reduce eye fatigue.  In addition, all eyeOs lenses have super AR, Scratch Resistant Coating, Anti-Smudge and UV 400 protection.
Using unprecedented standards, premium components and advanced Lens technology, eyeO's provides you with a distinctive way to fashionably improve your eyesight.

Clic Readers


Clic Readers are what Time Magazine called “The best eyewear innovation since glasses were invented.” regarding their front connection technology. Clic says that the revolutionary front magnetic closure means "...You'll never lose your glasses again"
 Never Lose Your Glasses Again
This one-of-a-kind front connection system allows you to easily wear and remove these glasses, but the patented neodymium magnets ensure they won't fall off your head. When you're not wearing them, they hang lightly about your neck from a durable nylon band, so you never forget where you left them. With a sliding extender they allow you to adjust them to almost any head size. Also, the included polycarbonate optical-quality lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses, giving you complete customizing ability. These readers are versatile, durable and convenient, and will fit anyone's needs.
Readers these days are fashionable, fun and functional...offering you clearer vision with lots of style! also offers a number of Sunglass Readers from Hobie, Maui Jim and Suncloud.  No more squinting at the beach for that good summer read!  Check them out.


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