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An Open Letter to Snow

Dearest Snow:

Snowiest Winter Evah Boston 2015

We’ve known each other for quite some time now – pretty much my entire life. I couldn't even to begin to fathom all the great times we've had together. Remember that one time when I made a ramp out of you and nearly broke my arm snowboarding? Boy, that sure was fun. Anyways, I’m writing you this letter because I’m worried about us. I’m sure you’re fully aware of how often you've been around lately. And while we all cherish your presence, enough is enough. I think it’s time we take a break from each other.

Our relationship had always been so straightforward in the past; you’d come around every couple of weeks in the winter, we take a day off of work or school, and everybody talks about how pretty you are. That was our thing and it worked. We had something. However, I’m beginning to think you've more than overstayed your welcome recently.

And I’m not talking about anything permanent; I’d never do that to you. I guess I’m just asking for a little space. I think it’s safe to say we all feel a bit smothered by you, and I mean that quite literally. I understand you can be pretty and fun in reasonable doses, but shoveling over 3 feet of slush off of my driveway is neither pretty nor fun. I think the best thing we can do at this point is spend some time apart. About nine months or so would do just fine. Besides, you've been working very hard lately; I think you deserve a vacation.

 And please, don’t worry about us; we’ll be alright. A couple weeks of weeks in the summer heat and people will forget all about what you’ve been putting us through recently. Until then, please spare us any more snow for the rest of the winter. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think it’s time for us to be able to see grass again – let alone, direct sunlight.

Plus, we just need a little time to do fun outdoor activities without the need to wear boots and 3+ layers of clothing. I think it’s time you let us trade our snowboards for surfboards, our snow goggles for sunglasses, and our snow pants for board shorts. Besides, I’m not quite sure how much fun it would be to SUP in the middle of a blizzard.

summer fun SUP

So snow, I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I’d like to thank you in advance for letting up on us. Take the next couple of months to go somewhere nice and plan how you’re going to top what you’ve done to us this winter. I think a nice thaw would serve both of us well. And don’t worry, we’ll all be begging you to take us back come December – we always do.

Winter SUP

Best Wishes

Trevor (

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